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To support bakers in achieving clean
label softness, Lesaffre now offers
Saf-Pro® Star-Zyme™ MDG Replacer.
The ingredient slows starch
retrogradation to extend freshbaked
softness during the first four
days of shelf life, and lab tests have
shown Star-Zyme MDG Replacer to
outperform MDGs and other dough
improvers in establishing shortterm
softness in whole wheat bread,
hamburger bun, and hot dog bun
Here are key examples of other
products from Lesaffre that meet the
definition of clean label:
* Saf Pro® StarZyme STR 601
* Saf Pro® Encore™ CL STRENGTH
* Saf Pro® Improver Volume 3.1
* Saf Pro® Improver Volume 4.1
* Saf Pro® Improver Volume 5.1
* Saf Pro® Improver Volume 6.1
* Saf Pro® Improver Freezer to Oven 3.1
* Saf Pro® Improver Freezer to Oven 4.1
* Saf Pro® Improver Softness 3.1+V
* Saf Pro® Improver Softness 4.1+V
Saf-Pro Improver Volume 4.1 is a clean
label, emulsifier-free bread improver
that helps the machinability of the
dough and improves the volume of the
finished products. It strengthens the
dough, improves the volume of the
end product, gives the final product
a richer color, produces a thinner and
crispier outer crust, and improves gas
retention within the dough
Saf-Pro Improver Freezer to Oven 3.1
is a DATEM & L-Cysteine free bread
improver that is specifically designed
for bake n' rise products or frozen
ready-to-bake products. Application
products include goods that are going
from the freezer to the oven with no,
or very short, thawing, and resting
time. Improves the freezer shelf life and
oven spring. Benefits include improved
gas retention, strengthens the dough,
and improves the volume of the end
Saf-Pro Improver Softness 4.1+V
improves the crumb softness,
extending the shelf life of the finished
baked product. It is easy to use and
improves the softness of the product
and provides optimum volume.
Extended softness improves shelf life
of finished goods.
Bread improvers, also known as
dough conditioners, facilitate efficient,
trouble-free production and improve
the quality of yeast-raised bakery
products. Saf-Pro® Ingredients bread
improvers impact every stage of the
bakery process to help you succeed.
Whether you're looking to reduce
mixing time, improve shelf life or
increase loaf volume and uniformity,
Lesaffre offers baking solutions
to solve your most critical baking

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