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Theinewsweeklyiofigrain-basedifoods JUNE 29, 2004 / U.S.D.A. eyes 50% cut in enriched grains intake WASHINGTON - In a move that would advocate a monumental shift in America's eating patterns and could have seismic implications for the grain-based foods industry, the U.S. Department of Agriculture is actively considering a recommendation that consumption of enriched grains be cut by 40% to 50%. The recommendation, part of an intensive effort to increase consumption of whole grains, would be included in the 2005 edition of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. The proposed changes were reviewed at the Independent Bakers Association annual meeting June 22 by Eric Hentges, who heads the Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion, the U.S.D.A. agency in charge of the guidelines. Mr. Hentges said its prospective recommendations would call for adult men LATE NEWS MINNEAPOLIS - Diageo P.L.C., from whom General Mills, Inc. purchased Pillsbury three years ago, late last week filed a registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission to sell 49.9 million shares of General Mills that it received as part of the transaction. The amount represents 63% of Diageo's 79-million share stake in General Mills, a stake that currently accounts for about a fifth of all outstanding shares of General Mills. In connection with the filing, Paul Walsh, Diageo's chief executive, and Jack Keenan, a former Diageo director, announced Continued on Page 8 Diageo to cut stake in General Mills to cut enriched grains intake by 51% and adult women to cut intake by 39%. "The , , recommendation in the proposed pattern would be that half the servings of grain should be whole grains," he said. Together with the cuts of enriched grains intake, the Department would recommend whole grains consumption increases of 275% and 227%, respectively, for men and women. Overall (enriched and whole grains combined), the guidance would recommend an 8% increase in grains intake by women and a 12% decrease by men. In current U.S. Dietary Guidelines recommendations, Americans are urged to consume 6 to 11 servings of grain-based foods daily. At a meeting in May, the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee tentatively agreed to cut the recommended servings to 5 to 10 (see Milling & Baking News of June 8, Page 1). Mr. Hentges did not comment last week on whether Continued on Page 16 Mennel Milling building flour mills in Ohio and Virginia FOSTORIA, OHIO - In 118 years since the company was established, The Mennel Milling Co. has never built a new flour mill. In the next few years Mennel will build two. Donald L. Mennel, president, said last week that the company is about to begin construction of a new soft wheat flour mill in Bucyrus, Ohio. In addition, the company will build a new mill in Roanoke, Va., to replace one the company is selling to the Roanoke Redevelopment and Housing Authority. At Bucyrus, 45 miles southeast of the company's headquarters and flagship mill in Fostoria, Mennel will build a soft wheat mill with daily milling capacity of 5,000 Continued on Page 10 GRANOLA BARS product perspective GRANOLA BARS Story on Page 21 inside THIS WEEK AIPC to mothball Kenosha pasta plant 11 Ingredient Kilby back as head of Stewart Systems 14 F.D.A. allows omega-3 nutrient claims Week 18 31

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