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Theinewsweeklyiofigrain-basedifoods Marked shift toward whole grains indicated in barbecue survey RIDGWAY, COLO. - If summer barbecue plans are any indication, consumers are serious about shifting toward whole grain baked foods. A survey commissioned recently by the Grain Foods Foundation indicated that 32% of Americans plan to serve whole grain hamburger buns or hot dog rolls this summer, a 52% increase from the 21% who said they served whole grain hamburger buns or hot dog rolls last summer. Results of the survey were presented by James Preskar of Harris Interactive in a memorandum to Grain Foods Foundation investors (members). The survey of 2,185 U.S. adults was conducted May 16-18 using the Harris QuickQuery on-line omnibus service. Harris described the data as representative of the total U.S. adult population. LATE The jump in prospective whole grain products being served at summer barbecues in 2005 contrasts with many food categories in which little or no year-to-year change was expected. For instance, 71% of respondents said they would serve burgers or hot dogs this summer, versus 68% last summer. The change in percentages of those serving chips and/or dip climbed to 69% from 65% last summer. Forty-four per cent of respondents said they would serve enriched hot dog rolls or hamburger buns this summer, the exact same percentage as those who served enriched products last summer. No product category saw a larger jump between last summer and this summer than whole grains, but good increases Continued on Page 20 Cargill buys diversified provider of bakery supplies, services MINNEAPOLIS - Cargill, Inc. has acquired Integrated Bakery Resources, a marketer of pre-mix systems, finished baked foods and related marketing services. Primarily a product development company, the acquisition includes Breadsong Baking Co., a commercial baking and blending operation. The transaction also includes the I.B.R. web site with the URL, "The acquisition of Integrated Bakery Resources supports Cargill's corporate food strategy of being a leading integrator of ingredients for food and beverage companies globally," said John E. Geisler, Cargill Continued on Page 10 Join the healthy oil evolution Story on Page 23 inside JUNE 21, 2005 / NEWS KANSAS CITY - Interstate Bakeries Corp. sustained a loss of $24,120,039 for the four-week period ended April 30, its largest one-month loss since filing for bankruptcy in September 2004, according to an 8-K filed June 14 with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Sales climbed to $264,988,539, the highest since September, while operating expenses finished nearly flat at $128,845,425. In its monthly operating report summary with the S.E.C., I.B.C. said it incurred Continued on Page 8 Large I.B.C. loss reflects closings E.R.S. details impact on wheat of move to whole grain foods WASHINGTON - In an article in the current issue of Amber Waves devoted to examining the possibilities and impacts of consumers adopting the 2005 Dietary Guidelines to increase consumption of whole grain foods, the Economic Research Service seeks to examine the likely effects of a shift to whole grains on demand for wheat and wheat production. This analysis stems from how production of whole grain foods by definition requires less grain than traditionally milled products, including the finding that "whole wheat flour uses about 25% less wheat than refined flour." In tracking this possible effect, the E.R.S. acknowledged that consumer acceptance of the Guidelines recommendation would have a definite impact on demand for Continued on Page 43 THIS WEEK Interstate closing San Francisco plants 9 Cut in '06 wheat carryover projection 38 Ingredient Smucker earnings higher in f.y. 2005 42 Week sponsored by 46

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Milling & Baking News - June 21, 2005