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Theinewsweeklyiofigrain-basedifoods A year after Katrina: Sandy Whann reflects on tough lessons learned NEW ORLEANS - Well prepared in many respects for the costliest storm in the nation's history, Robert J. (Sandy) Whann IV, president of Leidenheimer Baking Co., said numerous lessons about emergency preparedness may be gleaned from the ordeal he and other small- to medium-sized businesses endured 12 months ago in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. In an interview with Milling & Baking News, Mr. Whann reflected with the benefit of a year's hindsight as to what Leidenheimer did right ahead of the storm and what the company would do differently the next time a hurricane bears down on New Orleans. Mr. Whann also shared his thoughts on the subject in a presentation earlier this summer to the Independent Bakers Association at the group's annual meeting in Washington. The successful aspects of the Leidenheimer evacuation were the result of practice, Mr. Whann said. "We had a history of evacuations prior to Katrina in New Orleans," he said. "I can recall at least three in the last few years, which gave us good opportunities to hone our evacuation skills in terms of how to shut a plant down, an office down, and what to take with us. Fortunately, they had only been dry runs. Usually we had been back in quickly and were up and running after being out of the market for a day or Continued on Page 16 Kellogg sees innovation playing key part in international growth BOSTON - Innovation in its international business has been and will continue to be an integral part of The Kellogg Co.'s sustainable growth program, the Battle Creek, Mich.-based cereal maker noted in its Sept. 6 presentation at the Prudential Equity Group Back-to-School Consumer Conference. James M. Jenness, chairman and chief executive officer, speaking broadly about the company's strategy for the future, said a LATE highlight of Kellogg's performance has been its ability to execute and drive visibility of the programs that are currently in place. "When we started and gave our guidance for 2006, we expressed strong confidence that we would see another year of sustainable performance," Mr. Jenness said. "Now, we're through our first half, and we continue to have a very strong Continued on Page 12 NEWS Wheat groups seek common ground LENEXA, KAS. - In what was described as an historic gathering, industry groups from across the entire wheat chain agreed last week to explore the development of common policies aimed at strengthening the U.S. wheat economy. The Wheat Summit was held Sept. 7 in Lenexa organized principally by the North American Millers' Association and the Continued on Page 10 inside SEPTEMBER 12, 2006 / BREAD industry perspective Brands do their best to boost bottom lines Bread sales rise while operating costs pose concerns Story on Page 38 Bunge, under attack in Ukraine, fights back to protect business KIEV, UKRAINE - Dismissing accusations by minority shareholders as "unfounded," Bunge Ukraine said the business was under attack by "illegitimate corporate raiders." Alleging that the shareholders are following an oft-used template for illegally appropriating the assets of target companies, the Ukrainian unit of Bunge Ltd. said the assault could have a "chilling" effect on the international investment climate in the Ukraine. Bunge issued a statement about the matter to counter one issued Aug. 16 by a group that owns a minority share of the CJSC Dnepropetrovsk Oil Extraction Plant (DOEP). The shareholders Continued on Page 50 THIS WEEK Ingredient Balance and expansion seen as key at ADM F.A.O. warns progress on hunger lagging Seaberg and Newkirk to new MGPI positions 14 36 52 Week sponsored by 54

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Milling & Baking News - September 12, 2006