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THE NEWS WEEKLY OF GRAIN-BASED FOODS MAY 19, 2009 / First-quarter flour output down 0.9%; still third largest for January-March BUSINESS Cheerios labeling claims called into question by F.D.A. Story on Page 9 LATE NEWS Multi-national effort on bioengineered wheat WASHINGTON - With the view that acting together would minimize market disruptions, wheat industry groups in the United States, Canada and Australia said May 14 they would work toward the objective of "synchronized commercialization of biotech traits in the wheat crop." Acknowledging the sensitivity of the subject in several parts of the world, including export markets such as Japan and the European Union, the groups issued a series of joint principles on wheat biotechnology. The group's statement noted common concerns among the three nations, including sluggish gains in Continued on Page 8 WASHINGTON - Flour production by U.S. mills in the first quarter of 2009 decreased 0.9% from the record output in the same 2008 quarter, according to the Bureau of the Census of the U.S. Department of Commerce. Output in JanuaryMarch amounted to 100,486,000 cwts, down 896,000 from 101,382,000 produced in the first three months of last year. The report for the first quarter included revised numbers for 2008 from the 2008 Summary issued just prior to the current report. The North American Millers' Association provides funding to the Census Bureau in support of the compilation of these quarterly milling statistics. The decrease in January-March 2009 production marked the third consecutive quarter in which output was below a year earlier. This followed an extraordinary streak of 12 successive quarters of increases that began in July-September 2005 and ended in April-June 2008 with year-over-year increases ranging between 4,603,000 cwts in the fourth quarter of 2007 and just 7,000 in the second quarter of 2008. There was a second run of seven increases between July-September 1982 and JanuaryMarch 1984 with the range between 8,905,000 in JulySeptember 1983 and 231,000 in JanuaryMarch 1984. The 12 consecutive quarterly gains stood in marked contrast to the period Continued on Page 37 Signature Interview - Purchasing Executives The Rookie Wesley T. Farrell, East Balt, Inc. P urchasing executives come to their professional positions from a wide variety of backgrounds. But it's fair to suggest that few executives entered purchasing 37 years into their accomplished professional careers. But that's exactly what Wesley T. Farrell has done. Ten years after joining East Balt Inc., 28 years after entering the baking industry, and 37 years after graduating from Bryant ColFarrell lege in Rhode Island and entering the workforce, Mr. Farrell has become director of purchasing at East Balt. In fairness, Mr. Farrell had assignments earlier in his career at major baking companies that included Continued on Page 27

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Milling & Baking News - May 19, 2009