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THE NEWS WEEKLY OF GRAIN-BASED FOODS FEBRUARY 22, 2011 / WASHINGTON Bread Product Perspective One decade later, whole grains verdict — a resounding success en years ago, a few wholesale bakers decided to take a new look at whole grains, introducing a range of products they hoped would resonate with consumers in a way the category had not in the past. Because previous attempts to push whole wheat bread into the mainstream had foundered, the move 10 years ago was anything but a guaranteed success. Indeed, this annual Bread Product Perspective’s 2001 headline ended with a question mark underscoring the uncertainty: Whole grains — The dawning of a new era? For bakers of bread and rolls, the results are in and the move toward whole wheat has been an unquestioned success. Whole grains may account even today for a small percentage of overall T Conflicting views of 2012 budget emerge Stories on Pages 20,53 LATE NEWS Snyder’s-Lance converting to I.O. CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Snyder’sLance, Inc. said it plans to convert its company-owned direct-store delivery (D.S.D.) routes to an independent operator (I.O.) structure over the next 12 to 18 months. The transition is expected to occur on a “market-by-market basis” and will create “an integrated coast-to-coast distribution network that is better positioned to serve customers,” the company said. Currently, approximately 45% of the routes are company-owned routes and 55% are independent operator based routes in the Snyder’s-Lance network. “Migrating to a single model of distribution is a critical component of our merger Continued on Page 8 U.S. flour use at about 5%, but bakers of bread and rolls have achieved numbers far higher than the modest niche this figure would suggest. “In 2001, we generated 2% of our business from whole grains,” said Continued on Page 35 U.S. flour output gains 0.4% in 2010 to 416,200,000 cwts WASHINGTON — Production of wheat flour by U.S. mills in 2010 increased 0.4% from 2009 to reach the fourth largest total of record, according to preliminary data issued by the Census Bureau of the U.S. Department of Commerce. Output in the 2010 calendar year amounted to 416,200,000 cwts, a gain of 1,542,000 from 414,658,000 cwts in 2009. It still was down 5,070,000, or 1.2%, from the record of 421,270,000 cwts set in 2000. The past year’s increase came after two years of decreases that followed three years of gains. The past decade overall witnessed fluctuations from year to year but within the annual aggregates displaying no indisputable trend either up or down. Production in the past four years has fluctuated within a fairly narrow range between 418,836,000 cwts in 2007, the second largest, and 414,658,000 in 2009, the fifth. Along with the 0.4% increase in flour output, grind of wheat also gained 0.4%, while millfeed production decreased slightly, by less than 0.1%. The North American Millers’ Association provides funding to the Census Bureau in support of the compilation of these statistics. Production in only nine years has exceeded 400 million cwts. Starting with 1970, flour production Continued on Page 16

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Milling & Baking News - February 22, 2011
One decade later, whole grains verdict — a resounding success
Snyder’s-Lance converting to I.O.
U.S. fl our output gains 0.4% in 2010 to 416,200,000 cwts
NEWS Comment - Wrong move to end reports on fl our production
Editorial - Milling makes 2010 a success amidst turmoil
Campbell Baking and Snacking unit delivers
White and whole wheat bread prices rise
Smucker earnings fall 3%, sales rise 9%
Webb Simpson to serve as A.B.A. golf pro
Premium Brands to buy Canada Bread prepared sandwich business
Cargill begins sales, marketing for Louisiana Sugar
Arizona baker Simply Bread shuts down
MGP Ingredients in transportation pact
Over NAMA objections, U.S.D.A. okays corn amylase deregulation
Bakers weigh in on amylase corn
C.P.I. for baked foods and cereals climbs 1.1% in January
U.S. fl our output gains 0.4% in 2010 to 416,200,000 cwts
U.S.D.A. unveils $145 billion budget for fi scal 2012
Diffi cult environment evident in Flowers results and guidance
PepsiCo Americas Foods profi t up 7% in fi scal 2010
Strong fourth quarter lifts Panera full-year profi t
Sara Lee Bakery income and sales decline during second quarter
Fourth quarter caps dramatic Bunge earnings recovery
Income from operations, sales up sharply at MGPI in quarter
One decade later, whole grains verdict — a resounding success
Bakery building air fl ow costs money
Although still wide, whole grain gap seen narrowing
Latin America, China among next frontiers for whole grains growth
Whole grains forum set for April in China
Grupo Bimbo wins global award
Nominations solicited for Milling Operative of the Year
Republican 2011 budget proposal would cut food assistance
ADM to invest in sustainable palm
CLDC eliminates the use of SSL and CSL
Watson launches gluten-free mixes
Powder provides yogurt fl avor profi le
Ingredient Market Trends - U.S.D.A. 10-year forecasts indicate a ‘mature’ wheat market
Ingredient Week
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Milling & Baking News - February 22, 2011