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THE NEWS WEEKLY OF GRAIN-BASED FOODS JANUARY 10, 2012 / DONUT UPDATE STOCK MARKET REVIEW Ending at record high, grain-based shares beat broader market in ‘11 NEW YORK — Shares of grain-based foods companies scored solid advances in 2011, with gains easily outpacing major market indices. The Grain-Based Foods Share Index closed at the highest year-end level ever, 12154.32, up 7.5% for the year. The 7.5% advance compared with a 5.5% gain for the Dow Jones average of industrial shares, which ended at 12,217.56. The S.&P.500 ended the year at 1,257.60, three one-thousandths of a per cent beneath the 2010 close. The NASDAQ exchange performed still worse, closing with a decline of 1.8%, at 2,605.15. While ending at an all-time high, the 2011 performance of the Grain-Based Foods Share Index was less impressive by a number of other measures. The 7.5% gain was the worst showing in Investing dollars for donuts Public offering of Dunkin’ Brands highlights successful year for donut chains Story on Page 33 LATE NEWS three years, eclipsed by the 9% advance by the index in 2010 and the 13.2% jump in 2009. The advance fell short of the 10.5% jump in the Consumer Staples sector shares within the S.&P.500, meaning grain-based foods Continued on Page 21 Cargill investing in Iowa soybean plant CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA — Cargill said it will invest approximately $20 million this summer to modernize its soybean crushing plant on the east side of Cedar Rapids. The company said it may invest up to an additional $40 million in the facility over the next several years if needed. Along with the announcement, Cargill said industry overcapacity in soymeal production is prompting the company to close its Des Moines, Iowa, crush plant on Feb. 4. Cargill indicated it will continue some business activities at the Des Moines site, and it will continue to purchase Continued on Page 8 Hard winter wheat does well through winter’s early days KANSAS CITY — The hard winter wheat crop fared well in December in most states. Hard winter wheat condition ratings in Kansas and Oklahoma at the end of December improved from a month earlier while winter wheat ratings across Texas and Nebraska were mostly stable and northern Plains wheat condition slipped. The grip of drought across the southern Plains was loosening, but much more moisture was needed. Drierthan-normal weather and a lack of snow cover affected wheat condition ratings in South Dakota and Montana. At the end of December Kansas wheat condition was rated 53% good to excellent (47% a month earlier), 38% fair and 9% poor to very poor. “Above average temperatures and beneficial moisture in most areas helped to see the winter wheat through December,” said Kansas Agricultural Statistics. Most areas of Kansas received moisture during December with 34 of the 52 Continued on Page 10 Marking nine decades in partnership with grain-based foods

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Milling & Baking News - January 10, 2012
Stock Market Review - Ending at record high, grain-based shares beat broader market in ‘11
Hard winter wheat does well through winter’s early days
Late News - Cargill investing in Iowa soybean plant
News/Comment - Welcome start to 2012 in finding about calorie’s role
Editorial - Nine decades strong in pledge to grain-based foods
Late News - G.F.F. launches Spina Bifida Foundation partnership
Late News - Bimbo to sell bonds, hold meetings
Late News - C.F.T.C. won’t delay position limits
Late News - Nestle opens breakfast cereal facility in Turkey
Business - ADM-Benson Quinn and United Farmers Coop form joint venture
Business - Batory Foods acquires Atlanta-based ingredient distributor for $90 million
Business - Swany White Flour Mills destroyed by fire
Business - Rudolph Foods buys GasLamp Popcorn
People - Hal Reed promoted at Andersons to chief operating officer
People - Brian Sorenson to v.p. of manufacturing at Dakota Specialty Milling
People - Burton McGlynn, chairman of DecoPac, dies at 88
Washington - In wake of MF Global collapse, financial safeguards discussed at ag hearing
Washington - A.B.A. voices disappointment over new Hours of Service rule
Data - Regional milling operating rates mostly hold steady in NAMA report
Stock Market Review - Foreign grain-based foods performance slightly weaker in 2011
Stock Market Review - Bloomberg World Food Index shines compared to all equities
People - Rich Products unveils new governance structure
People - Lindon and Meyers establish new commodity advisory service
Donut Update - Investing dollars for donuts
Industry Activities - Whitney MacMillan says important food policy decisions lie ahead
Industry Activities - Wheat Foods Council unveils networking web site
Nutrition and Health - Report: ‘Good grains’ to be bakery’s top trend in 2012
Ingredient Market Trends
Ingredient Week
Supplier Innovations - Add blackberries to cereal, snacks
Supplier Innovations - BASF selects North American distributors
Supplier Innovations - Peerless Group launches new brand identity
Supplier Innovations - Barry Callebaut launches decoration items
Supplier Innovations - Replace eggs in cake batters, cookies
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Milling & Baking News - January 10, 2012