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THE NEWS WEEKLY OF GRAIN-BASED FOODS JUNE 25 , 2013 / FOOD INGREDIENT SOLUTIONS® Ways to make the glycemic index work Adding fiber and alternative sweeteners may improve the number associated with managing diabetes Story on Page 27 LATE NEWS Pepperidge to launch Goldfish Mac & Cheese NORWALK, CONN. — Pepperidge Farm, Inc. is branching out the Goldfish brand with the launch of Goldfish Mac & Cheese, which will debut on store shelves exclusively at Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Made with Goldfish-shaped pasta, Goldfish Mac & Cheese is available in four varieties: cheddar, nacho cheese, cheesy pizza, and butter Parmesan. “Just like Mac & Cheese, the Goldfish brand is adored by children and adults alike, so it made perfect sense for us to add the fun and wholesomeness of Goldfish to this favorite classic food,” said Jared Konstanty, senior vice-president, general Continued on Page 8 For first time since 2000, U.S.D.A. buying sugar due to oversupply WASHINGTON — The Commodity Credit Corp. of the U.S. Department of Agriculture on June 17 issued its first invitation in more than a decade to buy domestic sugar that would then be exchanged for export credits as part of a larger effort by the U.S.D.A.’s Farm Service Agency to reduce the current oversupply of sugar. The F.S.A. said it intends to purchase sugar from domestic cane and beet processors and then conduct voluntary exchanges for credits under the Refined Sugar Re-export Program. The agency intends to exchange “not less than 2.5 tons of import credits … per 1 ton of sugar,” resulting in a “minimum net reduction of 1.5 tons of sugar in the U.S. market per ton of sugar exchanged,” anticipating the action may remove around 300,000 tons of domestic sugar. Under the U.S. sugar program, a floor is set on prices through non-recourse loans to growers. Producers who take loans have the right to forfeit their sugar to the U.S. government, when market prices fall beneath the loan rate. For the current fiscal year, the loan rate for raw cane sugar is 18.75c per lb and 24.05c per lb for beet sugar. Other components of the program — domestic marketing allotments and tariff-rate Continued on Page 14 Plaza Belmont into specialty baking with Labriola acquisition ALSIP, ILL. — Labriola Baking Co., a baker of fresh and frozen artisan bread, has been acquired by the private equity firm Plaza Belmont Fund III L.P., Shawnee Mission, Kas., and several other investors. Terms of the agreement were not announced, and the transaction does not include the Labriola Bakery Cafe located in Oak Brook, Ill. Labriola Baking Co. supplies fresh artisan baked foods through its own distribution network of 25 routes to hotels, restaurants and retail stores in the Milwaukee, Chicago and Indianapolis regions. “The rationale for the sale was to create a partnership that not only brings additional financial resources to Labriola, but extensive industry expertise as well,” said Rich Labriola, who will maintain an ownership stake in the company and serve as vice chairman and chief innovation officer. “As I have been working with Plaza Belmont to put this transaction together, I am confident I have found the right partners to accomplish the growth I envision for the company. It also helps me free up resources to allow me to continue to grow and expand the Labriola Bakery Cafes beyond the current single store location.” Bob Parnow, president of Plaza Belmont, will become chairman and chief Continued on Page 9

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Milling & Baking News - June 25, 2013
Plaza Belmont into specialty baking with Labriola acquisition
For first time since 2000, U.S.D.A. buying sugar due to oversupply
Late News - Pepperidge to launch Goldfish Mac & Cheese
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News/Comment - Three events point to issues promising hot summer
Editorial - Either obituary or bright new day
Late News
Dunkin’ Donuts redesign reflects shift away from morning focus
Cargill to acquire Northstar Grain assets, properties
Wheat rust needs control in wet regions, F.A.O. warns
Auto-Bake America expands test bakery
Business - Sorghum: Ready for its close-up?
Washington - House rejects farm bill amid differences over SNAP cuts
Data - C.P.I. for baked foods, cereals eases 0.1% in May
White bread price again finishes lower, whole wheat rises
Merchandising - General Mills adds oatmeal squares, protein granola
MOM Brands broadens Better Oats line with three new varieties
Nutrition and Health - U.K. researchers cite progress in cutting salt content in bread
Industry Activities - A.B.A. and A.T.B.I. boards gather in Washington
Food Ingredient Solutions - Ways to make the glycemic index work
Analyzing the credibility of the glycemic index
Pizza Update - Pizza popping up everywhere
Regulatory Affairs - Water meters — how many, how much money?
International - CSM n.v. unveils name change, presents new strategy
Marubeni amends Gavilon transaction details
People - Echesortu succeeding Schoen at helm of Dreyfus Commodities
Industry veteran Donald Bianchi dies
Sukh Bassi joins Manildra in R.&D. role
Former B.&C.M.A. president dies at 88
Ingredient Market Trends - U.S.D.A. trims world wheat supply forecast for 2013-14
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Milling & Baking News - June 25, 2013