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Editorial Flour output data point to eating trends A s useful as it may be to examine global 25% and 43%, respectively, production in these two trends in demand for wheat as food to mea- affirms how output is striving to keep pace with exsure how the grain-based foods business is pansion in demand for grain-based foods. No other doing, hard numbers relating specifically to mill- nations in the annual flour output show two-digit ing provide a more exacting basis for understand- percentage gains, but when the impressive expaning the industry's status. Thus, when the Interna- sion in these countries is put aside, the 2% upturn tional Grains Council released its supply-demand for the United States stands out. That is particularly forecasts for the next five years through 2019-20 so when the two U.S. neighbors, Canada and Mexipointing to the upward move in wheat food use as co, show small decreases in 2012. slowing from the pace of the preceding five years, America's output increase is even more signifithe desire to know where positive and negative cant when compared with the steep falls registered changes might occur becomes urgent. The Council by European nations. German output fell 12%, cononly points to broad-brush gains largely in devel- trasting with a 15% increase registered by that naoping nations of Asia and Africa "as wheat-based tion in the period beginning with 2000. France was foods become more popular in place of traditional down 1%, accentuating a dip of nearly 9% from staples." Additional detail is centered on global per the start of this century. United Kingdom produccapita wheat demand, which tion managed to hold steady Flour production data ... are the the I.G.C. says is likely to in 2012, but showed the same key to appreciating how directly hold steady at 66 kilograms drop as France from the cenmilling demand relates to wheat with any total expansion tury's start. import demand. driven by population. The recent global leaders in Such calculations are imflour exporting, Turkey and portant in determining prospects for global wheat Kazakhstan, posted quite different flour milling supply-demand. Yet, they fall short when it comes results. Turkey's flour output actually decreased to making decisions about matters like investing by 2% from the preceding year and Kazakhstan in flour milling to satisfy expanding markets. A showed a 4% gain. In looking for a way to measure much closer look is required. Here, too, the I.G.C. how a small country that used to be a part of the plays the essential role through its annual compi- Former Soviet Union has managed to compete for lation of national flour production. the leading global role in flour exporting, it is unCompiling such a list is no small task and the necessary to look beyond the expansion of 218% in Council's work here is recognized as being of spe- Kazakhstan's output in the period since 2000. cial value. The latter is only diminished by those Not only do the flour production data help meacountries that appear unwilling to provide the I.G.C. sure the repercussions from varying trends in dewith numbers on milling output. The missing na- mand for wheat-based foods in different countries tions, mainly China, India, Australia, Iran, Pakistan and regions, but they also are the key to appreciatand Morocco comprise a list of large milling coun- ing how directly milling demand relates to wheat tries acting as if flour output needs hiding. That is import demand. This applies especially to those particularly bothering when it is recognized that the countries that produce much more flour than local two countries heading this list are largest in milling. wheat production can keep in step with. Increased So far as revealing important data about milling import demand for milling quality wheat in Asia operations in various countries is concerned, the and Africa accounts mainly for the rising trend the latest I.G.C. compilation, covering 2012, shows the I.G.C. forecasts for global wheat trade. The latter 's largest increases in two countries that do not sur- annual growth, projected at 1.3%, directly relates prise - Indonesia and Egypt. With annual gains of to these flour production numbers. MBN MORTON SOSLAND, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF WE'RE EAGER TO GET YOUR FEEDBACK: E-mail or write to us at Milling & Baking News, 4801 Main Street, Suite 650, Kansas City, Mo, 64112 EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-chief Morton I. Sosland Executive editor, markets Neil N. Sosland Editor L. Joshua Sosland Senior editor, markets Jay S. Sjerven Managing editor Eric J. Schroeder Senior editor, markets Ron Sterk Associate editor Jeff Gelski Assistant editor, markets Laura Lloyd Internet editors Rebekah Schouten Monica Watrous Graphic designer, market graphics, data Christina Sullivan / / March 13, 2007 Milling & Baking News PUBLISHING STAFF Chairman Charles S. Sosland Vice-chairman L. Joshua Sosland President and publisher Mark Sabo Associate publisher G. 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Milling & Baking News - May 26, 2015
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Milling & Baking News - May 26, 2015