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products. All dried fruit and vegetable
products offer a clean single-ingredient
label, are naturally low in fat, sodium and
cholesterol, are non-GMO, gluten-free and
allergen-free, and are Products of the USA.
With an ever-increasing number
automated with touchscreen
technology from receiving to
packaging to shipping, with the
capacity to meet the needs of
food manufacturers worldwide.
" MicroDried is located in the heart
of the Treasure Valley in Nampa, Idaho
where the company has been operating
for 10 years. All of our blueberries, which is
what we're best known for, are grown on our
farms in eastern Washington and processed
at our IQF facility in Grandview. We then use
them at our MicroDried facility in Nampa,
so we have 100% vertical integration on all
our blueberry products, conventional and
organic. " , says Heidi Farkas, National Sales
and Marketing Manager for MicroDried.
MicroDried is committed to the highest
domestic and international certification
standards in the industry, and they have
earned the highest British Retail Consortium
(BRC) rating on every audit since 2013.
Annual plant certifications also include AIB
International, Washington State Department
of Agriculture's (WSDA) Organic Program,
IFANCA Halal, and Orthodox Union (OU)
Kosher. MicroDried strives to maintain the
highest standards of product quality and
food safety in the industry and is dedicated
to both transparency and food safety in
all operations with full traceability on all
of educated consumers who want the
nutritional value from clean and natural
ingredient labels, their market demand drives
an expansion of potential dried fruit and
vegetable applications. The nutritional
benefits of the MicroDried process
are extensive, for the simple reason
that it uses the entire fruit or
vegetable - skin, seeds and all.
This means that the profile of
vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber,
antioxidants, phytonutrients,
and other nutritional benefits
maintains optimal similarity to the
fresh fruit or vegetable. All MicroDried
products offer a clean, single ingredient label
with no added sugars, color, preservatives
or additives of any kind. These healthy
ingredients use the whole fruit and vegetable
to maximize antioxidants and phytonutrients.
MicroDried can furnish ingredients
in a wide range of particulate sizes from
whole pieces, slices/dices, fragments with
and without fines, to coarse and fine grind
powders. MicroDried can customize the
fragment size ranging from 1 to 6.5mm.
Many of their ingredients including
blueberries, which were the first MicroDried
products to be dried using Radiant Energy
Vacuum technology, are available in whole
pieces as well.
Whole dried fruits and vegetables from
MicroDried provide optimal product identity
in a variety of foods while maximizing eye
appeal, taste and texture. Fruit or vegetable
fragments offer strong piece identity in high
mixing or custom blending applications,
while maintaining durable piece integrity
to deliver scattered bits of color and flavor
within a recipe. MicroDried coarse grind

Exactly How Nature Intended -- MicroDried

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