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sweetening or flowability agents as part
of the customization process.
* With strong piece integrity in a wide
range of sizes, MicroDried is able to
deliver more pieces and higher volume of
their ingredients. A pound of MicroDried
whole cultivated blueberries has 3,500
pieces, while MicroDried blueberry
fragments can have more than 10,000
pieces per pound. These results are
higher on average when compared to
competitive drying processes. MicroDried
blueberries have six times the number of
pieces and three times more volume than
fresh blueberries, as another example.
products are sturdy and have better particle
integrity than those dried by competing
methods. Particle integrity provides another
important advantage in many applications, as
it makes MicroDried ingredients significantly
easier to blend into batters, dairy mixtures
and other recipes without breaking down into
powder or falling apart while mixing.
But perhaps the most apparent difference
between MicroDried ingredients and those
dried by other methods are two of the
most important aspects of food in general
- nutrition and taste. The process preserves
many of the natural vitamins, minerals and
other nutrients in the fruits and vegetables
while retaining superior flavor, texture and
There are some distinctive differences
that continue to make MicroDried products
a preferred choice for food companies when
looking for a dried fruits and vegetables
* Customized moisture levels offer
the versatility to supply products
the way they are really needed. This
gives manufacturers the possibility of
removing a step on their end to shorten
process time and increase productivity.
* Two or more fruit and vegetable varieties
can be blended to create trendy tastes
and new colors - or compounded with
One of the main selling points of
MicroDried's product line is the user-friendly
ability to just take the dried fruits and
vegetables and start creating with them - as
each product is Ready-to-Eat with no extra
processing steps, with or without hydrating.
" Our MicroDried products do not
require any further processing and can be
added directly into your application. Five
big advantages realized from using our
shelf-stable, Ready-to-Eat products are
a higher overall piece count per pound
due to removed moisture, superior flavor
distribution, piece durability and integrity,
rich and natural color, and low microbe levels
for added food safety. " , says Heidi Farkas.
With the gentle, low heat drying process,
MicroDried products retain much of the
nutritional value, natural vitamins, minerals
and other nutrients. Due to the low water
activity, MicroDried products are shelf stable
for up to two years making it the perfect
add-in for larger manufacturers to keep in
their inventory, always ready and available.
" Our revolutionary MicroDried process
preserves the natural integrity of our fruits
and vegetables, keeping the superior
taste, color and texture you want, and
allowing us to offer them as Ready-toEat.
Our MicroDried proprietary patented

Exactly How Nature Intended -- MicroDried

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