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drying technology includes a low impact
radiant energy vacuum (REV) system for
dehydration, which maintains the most
natural vitamins, minerals, polyphenols and
other nutrients in the fruits and vegetables, "
says Steve Nugent, Director of IQF,
Dried, Export and International Business
Development for MicroDried.
The MicroDried process is a gentle drying
process that preserves the flavor, color
and integrity of the fruit or vegetable while
reducing microbes and offering a shelfstable
100% pure ingredient. The process
is simple, providing food companies and
ingredient manufacturers with the best and
purest form of fruits and vegetables in the
food industry. Most importantly, MicroDried's
unique radiant energy vacuum (REV) process
can set moisture according to the demands
of the individual end-user's application.
The product first goes into an oven that
drives out much of the moisture, allowing
it to be gently expelled by microwaves. By
controlling the vacuum and the microwave
energy level, MicroDried can vary the
amount of the moisture in the final product.
The use of microwaves ensures that the
final drying is done with as little heat
as possible, which preserves the
product's integrity and improves
flavor and overall quality.
" When you use microwave
energy under vacuum, you're
drying the product evenly,
from the core to the outside.
MicroDried product moisture
ranges from 4% on the low end up
to 13% on the high end with low water
activity, giving the end user the widest
possible range of moisture for any given
application. This technology gives us the
ability to produce a wide variety of product
specifications for our customers, " says Steve
Nugent, " It's our processing parameters
experience and knowledge, knowing how
much energy needs to be introduced under
a certain level of vacuum that will remove
a specific percentage of water activity. So
MicroDried determines how much energy is
required to achieve your targeted moisture
content. "
" Whatever your application we have
the right sized fruit or vegetable to meet
your specific needs. Our products are
used in all facets or segments of the food
and beverage industry - from ready to eat
cereals, overnight oats and hot cereals,
snack bars, pet foods, meat products and
meat alternatives, dairy products, and
beverages from energy drinks to beer. " , says
Heidi Farkas, " Our whole pieces can be used
in cereals or trail mixes. Our fragmented

Exactly How Nature Intended -- MicroDried

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