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THREE-DIMENSIONAL MEAT PRESSING Get the ultimate in product consistency! -H I „Pressing from Three Sides Control product width and thickness by adjusting the pressure individually at each axis. „Optional Front Loading System P The operator just sets the product in the chamber and grabs another belly - everything else is automatic. „Automated Product Push-out Once the product is loaded, the operator does not need to handle the product again. „Improved Yield and uniformity HOEGGER bacon presses reduce side strap, ends & pieces, wrinkles, foldovers and dog ears. * HOEGGER F O O D For more information, see Page 81 T E C H N O L O G Y 322 Industrial Lane * Berlin, VT 05641 Phone 802-223-5400 * Fax 802-223-5499 * Toll Free 877-789-5400 *

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Meat + Poultry - October 2006