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THREE-DIMENSIONAL MEAT PRESSING Get the ultimate in product consistency! L „Pressing from Three Sides Control product width and thickness by adjusting the pressure individually at each axis. „Optional Front Loading System The operator just sets the product in the chamber and grabs another belly - everything else is automatic. „Automated Product Push-out Once the product is loaded, the operator does not need to handle the product again. „Improved Yield and uniformity HOEGGER bacon presses reduce side strap, ends & pieces, wrinkles, foldovers and dog ears. * HOEGGER F O O D For more information, see Page 81 T E C H N O L O G Y 322 Industrial Lane * Berlin, VT 05641 Phone 802-223-5400 * Fax 802-223-5499 * Toll Free 877-789-5400 *

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Meat + Poultry - December 2006