Meat&Poultry - April 2011 - (Page CV1)

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Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Meat&Poultry - April 2011

Meat&Poultry - April 2011
Commentary - A ‘head-on’ approach to food safety
USDA proposes mandatory test-and-hold for industry
George’s Inc. to buy Tyson poultry complex
Smithfi eld reports no initial decline in pork exports to Japan
Maple Leaf Foods to sell poultry plant
JBS posts 4Q, full year loss, but sales up
Hormel campaign addresses childhood malnutrition
Ammonia leak spurs evacuation of JBS Swift plant
Heightened regulatory hurdles
People power!
Living the dream
Transcending industries
Blazing new trails
Turning point
Prepped for success
‘The sky’s the limit’
Business rhythm
Passion for the industry
Taking the plunge
Touting the ‘other’ meats
A model of efficiency
Meat Processing Operations & Engineering
Polished processing
Setting the bar – Sterling Silver pork requires superior hogs, pioneering processes
Keeping track
Top of mind
7-step cleaning process
7 pasos del proceso de limpieza
Leadership drives Lean
Getting to the point(s)
Hot dog! What’s in a name?
Foot-long frenzy
Marketing “vehicles”
Future focused
Pre-stunning control
Names in the News
New Product Showcase
Classified Advertising
The Insider
We ‘meat’ your needs
SensorX fat-lean trim management system
I-Cut 10 the no-fuss portion cutter
Accurate portion control with I-Cut 55
Beef boning hall system fulfils criteria at Marcher
ValueDrum – Marinating the smart way
Fixed-weight meat batching
Target Batcher - flexibility
Speed Batcher - bulk packing
Multihead Weigher - retail packing
Meat harvesting – Inline bone processing
Innovation in sausage making equipment
Automated data collection for solid decision making and full traceability
Weigh it, label it, track it...
We know skinning better than anyone…
Freeze your product - not your profit
All new Polyslicer 1000 with out-of-the-ordinary performance

Meat&Poultry - April 2011