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Cover Story Wright can’t go wrong Tyson stays committed to its tradition-rich, bacon-processing subsidiary BY JOEL CREWS espite its size and diversity, Tyson Foods has remained committed to the 90-year family tradition established by its Wright Brand subsidiary, still based in Vernon, Texas. When Tyson Foods acquired D The tradition of Texas-style smoked flavor of thick-cut, Wright Brand bacon has survived the test of time. IBP inc. in 2001, the deal included Corporate Brand Foods America (CBFA), a collection of what were once family owned meat companies with names like Iowa Ham Canning, JacPac Foods, International Trading Co. and Wright Brand Foods. The Wright family sold its company to CBFA in 1999, about 77 years after it was founded. Egbert Eggleston, his son, Fay, and Roy Wright, Egbert’s son-in-law, could never have fathomed that what they founded in 1922 as Vernon Meat Co., in the back of a Vernon, Texas-based grocery store, would grow to be one of the most coveted subsidiaries of one of the largest meat and poultry processing companies in the world. Still operating from the plant built in the 1940s, the company, which changed hands to the family of its current namesake during World War II, no longer slaughters hogs there, nor is its bacon or ham made from pork delivered by railroad cars as it was in the early years. A technologyrich supply-and-distribution chain has streamlined hog production and pork processing, but the tradition of Texas-style smoked fl avor of thickcut, Wright Brand bacon has survived the test of time. With the backing of Tyson, the company’s bacon business has built an even “bigger, better” brand by promoting its tradition-based quality with contemporary marketing processing technology. Still coveted is the Wright Brand’s 18 • Meat&Poultry • October 2011 • (Photo courtesy of Wright Brand)

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Meat&Poultry - October 2011
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WRIGHT BRAND BACON - Wright can’t go wrong
WRIGHT BRAND BACON - Recloseable challenges
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Meat&Poultry - October 2011