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Small Business Matters From dream to reality Hard work and passion pays off for Bardine’s Country Smokehouse BY STEVE KRUT H e built it and they came…and they keep coming back. Gary Bardine believes in chasing dreams. The owner of Bardine’s Country Smokehouse in the small hamlet of Crabtree, Pa., – population 320 – is one of the fastest-rising “People like the idea of driving to a farm and seeing the products made right in front of them.” stars in America’s modern meat-processing industry. Situated atop a hill overlooking this ethnic community less than an hour east of Pittsburgh, is a 90-acre farm owned by Gary’s father, Bob, a former butcher who put away the knife and grinder years ago to raise crops and keep a small herd of Black Angus cattle. “My grandfather, Albert DiBardine, started as a butcher some time around 1918 and Dad took it over in 1959 and built a new shop,” Gary recalls. “Dad gave up his slaughterhouse in 1972 to devote himself to farming. “He had a small meat shop, largely custom, that he sold when I was in kindergarten. I later worked with him for many years. I worked as a meat cutter for some other companies after it closed, but I always had the bug to get back into working with meat on my own,” he adds. Gary requisitioned a small corner of his father’s barn to do some custom work and then started processing deer for local hunters. He used the money he made to lay the foundation for a new retail meat store, a 44-ft. by 110-ft. pole building he designed with his brother, Steve, a mechanical engineer. It was G a r y Ba rd i ne’s ( pro nounced Bar-dee-nee) belief that if he kept doing custom work in the corner of the barn, he could invest in good equipment. His desire was to move beyond slaughter and custom work and go into smoking and curing. “While my friends were buying new houses I was using every cent I could earn to buy the best equipment I could,” Gary says. “Some pieces of equipment cost as much as a house. But those sacrifices seem to be paying off.” Gary gushes enthusiasm when asked about the key to success in his growing enterprise. Above: Investing in quality processing equipment has paid off for Gary Bardine of Bardine’s Country Smokehouse. 58 • Meat&Poultry • October 2011 •

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Meat&Poultry - October 2011
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Meat&Poultry - October 2011