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New Product Showcase Next generation x-ray system The Thermo Scientific Xpert C400 from Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. is the first model in a line of x-ray systems for contaminant detection and product inspection. The Xpert C400 detects metal, glass, dense plastics and other contaminants in packaged food. It can also analyze an x-ray image to estimate weight or fi ll and count or assure that objects are inside a packaged item. The system’s highly sensitive detectors are available in multiple resolutions (0.8/0.4mm), and are designed to find small contaminants in complex images with few, if any, false rejects. A low-power x-ray source (85W) reduces the system’s shielding requirements while easily penetrating typical items under inspection. It is tested to fully meet IP65 requirements for dust and washdown and operates at temperatures ranging from 5° to 40° C. For more information, call Thermo Scientific at (763) 783-2574. Spare parts ordering platform Bosch Packaging Technology expands its services portfolio with the E-Portal, a customized spare parts ordering platform. The online portal offers manufacturers optimized spare parts logistics and efficient processing of orders by making customized and machine-specific spare parts data readily available. With the E-Portal, up-to-date information on availability, price and delivery is available at any time to enable reliable planning of production processes. Manufacturers also benefit from the option to view all orders and quotes from the last 24 months, which increases transparency during the ordering process and speeds decision making. With an easier spare parts ordering process, packaging machines can be maintained in a timely manner and downtime minimized. For more information, call Bosch Packaging Technology at (763) 493-6706. Revised public health guide The International Association for Food Protection (IAFP) recently released a revised version of Procedures to Investigate Foodborne Illness. The Sixth Edition is a guide for public health personnel who investigate reports of illnesses alleged to be foodborne related. This guide is based on epidemiologic principles and investigative techniques found to be effective in determining causal factors of disease outbreaks. The booklet is designed to improve the quality of investigation of outbreaks and disease surveillance. The cost of the book is $23.95 for members and government agencies and $29.95 for non-members. For more information, call IAFP at (515) 276-3344. Tunnel freezer Air Products has rolled out its Freshline QS tunnel freezer, which can be used to cryogenically freeze or cool meat and poultry, seafood and other food products. The new tunnel freezer is ideal for small-volume processors and start-ups that want to quickly begin freezing a high-quality product with minimal up-front cost. The QS tunnel freezer can be integrated into new or existing production lines in minimal time and is well suited for food processors converting to continuous freezing, by alleviating bottlenecks in their operation. For more information, call Air Products at (610) 706-4730. • October 2011 • Meat&Poultry • 89 http://www.thermoscientifi

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Meat&Poultry - October 2011
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Meat&Poultry - October 2011