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The Insider Carcass campaigning Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann (RMinn.) toured the Amend Packing Co. in Des Moines, Iowa, Sept. 20. As Bachmann strolled around the meat carcasses and later demonstrated her meat-cutting skills, all without donning a hairnet and while wearing open-toed shoes, she criticized the president for unnecessary regulations in the food industry, according to The Associated Press. When asked about the regulations, Kent Wiese, owner of Amend Packing, said, “... it all costs money. And I just wish that they could simplify it and just test it once and be done with it.” ■ Over Herd “Every change is a battle with the food industry.” — David Kessler, Univ. of California San Francisco professor and former commissioner of FDA, on the challenges of making changes to the Nutrition Facts Panel. (Source: The Associated Press) (Associated Press photo) Living art Sosl a nd P ubl ish i n g Compa ny, Meat&Poultry’s parent company, recently commissioned a 300-lb. piece of art that now hangs in the reception area of its Kansas City, Mo.based office. The piece was created by Lloyd Schermer, retired chairman of Lee Enterprises – one of the few major newspaper chains still active in America. Schermer lives in Aspen, Colo., where he has honed his skills as a sculptor, using as his base material old printing lead type, plates and fonts to make 3-dimension constructs like the one he made for Sosland. Schermer sculpted this piece to commemorate Sosland’s rich publishing history and its successin covering the food industry and agricultural markets. Next year marks the company’s 90th anniversary. ■ Prime Ribbing Cartoon by Bob Bliss Eating out The average American eats 4.8 meals per week in restaurants or 249 total restaurant meals per year (both dining in and carry out), according to the fi rst LivingSocial “Dining Out” online survey of consumer behavior conducted in August among 4,000 Americans by Mandala Research. Nearly half of the respondents (45 percent) described themselves as “meat lovers,” 22 percent as a “sweet tooth” and 19 percent as “fast-food junkies.” Only 18 percent described themselves as “health nuts” and 5 percent as “vegetarians or vegans.” ■ 98 • Meat&Poultry • October 2011 •

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Meat&Poultry - October 2011
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WRIGHT BRAND BACON - Wright can’t go wrong
WRIGHT BRAND BACON - Recloseable challenges
Versatile Protein - Bacon’s on fi re!
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Small Business Matters - From dream to reality
Jerky Processing - Perfect pairing
Meat Processing Operations & Engineering - The Phoenix rises
Meat Processing Operations & Engineering - Pest patrol
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Meat&Poultry - October 2011