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The business journal for meat and poultry processors • • December 2011 Processors add military expertise to their ranks INSIDE: • Dodging GIPSA • Processing for Pizza • Automating Slaughter • Greater Omaha Packing • Small Business Matters

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Meat&Poultry - December 2011

Meat&Poultry - December, 2011
Commentary - Showing appreciation
Business Notes - Cargill disputes hiring allegations
Business Notes - McDonald’s drops egg supplier over management concerns
Business Notes - Tyson has high hopes for 2012
Business Notes - Smithfield responds to HSUS inquiry about sow housing conversion
Business Notes - Wayne Farms to streamline, cut 360 jobs
Washington - Food fight
Cover story - Enlisting veterans
Legislation - Dodging a bullet
Food safety - Sharing the wealth
Packaging - Breathing room
In-Plant operations - Opportunity for automation
Ingredient Trends - Flavor-licious
Processing for Pizza - Piece of the pie
Marketing - The betterment of beef
Meat Processing Operations & Engineering - Food-safety focused
Meat Processing Operations & Engineering - Offsetting rising energy costs
Meat Processing Operations & Engineering - Hazardous duty
Meat Processing Operations & Engineering - Sanitation Tips - Avoiding hazards
Meat Processing Operations & Engineering - Consejos Sanidad - Evitando los peligros
Small Business Matters - The 'wow' factor'
From the Corral - Forgoing force
Names in The News
New Product Showcase
The Insider
Insight Stork Poultry Processing
Poultry Processor's Handbook

Meat&Poultry - December 2011