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Leadership Development Creating future leaders Chicago Meat Authority takes the bull by the horns to ensure continuous success BY BRYAN SALVAGE E verything moves at a break-neck pace in the meat processing in- regimen. Not exactly a recipe for success or a way to groom prospective company leaders. To avoid this, Chicago Meat Authority has developed a six-month Leadership Development Initiative program, and launched it last year. Jordan Dorfman, president, founder and owner, explains he learned the meat business from the ground-up, but he wanted to create a new employee training program with a more structured approach. CMA’s program was designed to attract young professionals and provide them with a six-month period to learn as much as possible about all aspects of CMA’s business. Once participants complete their training, they are able to step into any open position, assist any existing department when needed – and be on the path to becoming the future leaders of CMA. “We need bright and motivated young people who want to come into an industry – but may not necessarily know where they want to be,” Dorfman says. He modeled the program after the orientation used in the banking industry. Banks often start new workers working first in the credit department, followed by a few weeks working in marketing and on through the ranks. They experience all of the Above: (From left): Matt Cyr, Joe Welnhofer, Karen Gates, Keely Sibbald and Bill Duncan. (Photo courtesy of Chicago Meat Authority) dustry. Unfortunately, the people who often suffer the most from this fasttrack environment are new hires. After “Each LDI participant is rated by his or her supervisor mentors within the various disciplines.” receiving a rather quick orientation focused on company rules, policies and job requirements, new hires at many companies – both veteran employees and newcomers – are generally pushed into the “Here’s your desk, here’s your phone, you’re on your own” training 96 • Meat&Poultry • April 2012 •

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Meat&Poultry - April 2012
Table of Contents
Commentary - Assassinating effective technology
Business Notes - LFTB fallout continues
Business Notes - Thompson to CEO of McDonald’s
Business Notes - Introducing: NAMA
Business Notes - Group to acquire Burger King restaurants
Business Notes - JBS may leave Argentina
Business Notes - JBS Q4 earnings advance despite Pilgrim’s Pride loss
Business Notes - Tyson addresses its strategy and stance on LFTB
Washington - Family farm labor pains
Cover Story - Team builder
Food Safety - Full speed ahead
CEO Series - Executive experience
Ground Beef - Burger nirvana
Meat Processing - Operations & Engineering
Flooring - Building a solid foundation
Contract Sanitation - Focus on plant sanitation
Sanitation Tips (Consejos de Sanidad) - Cleaning compounds
Sanitation Tips - Be cautious with chemicals
Packaging Solutions - Sandwich success
Ingredient Issues - ‘Real food’ nutrition
Ingredient Trends - Tracking global ingredient trends
Small Business Matters - Remote possibilities
Leadership Development - Creating future leaders
From the Corral - On-farm handling
Labor - Balancing and bargaining act
Names in the News
New Product Showcase
Classified Advertising
The Insider

Meat&Poultry - April 2012