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Packaging Solutions MAP mindsets Consumer research provides glimpse of how packaging technology is perceived C BY ERICA SHAFFER onsumers are generally accepting although some modified atmosphere don’t want to buy it anymore and then of modified atmosphere packag- packaging is permitted. She said the we throw it away even though it’s still ing (MAP) technology used to extend European Commission organized a edible,” she adds. shelf-life and stabilize color in meat, committee to study potential dangers The study, conducted at Iowa State according to a study published in the in CO, but the committee didn’t in- Univ. in 2007, recruited consumers Journal of Food Protection. However, clude consumer perception about the through newspapers ads, e-mail lists they seemed more wary of the tech- technology in the research. and leaflets. The product used in the nology when given more information “The committee found no danger study was 1-lb. portions of 85-per- about MAP and the introduction of and no harm, but they don’t allow any cent lean ground beef prepackaged carbon monoxide. MAP helps extend food packaged in CO-MAP,” Grebi- and wrapped in plastic film. The meat shelf-life of meat, while CO helps sta- tus says. “So, if there is no harm and came from a local supermarket and the bilize and improve the color of meat. you never did a consumer study, how ISU Meat Laboratory. Researchers Carola Grebitus of Arizona State do you know that maybe consumers used three different ground beef pack- Univ. in Mesa, Ariz., led the study to want that, and you take that chance ages: light-red ground beef packaged explore consumer acceptance of MAP, away from them to buy that meat? in oxygen-permeable overwrap at the including the use of carbon monoxide. “Also, for the industry we have so ISU Meat Laboratory; brownish-red A native of Germany, Grebitus says much food waste, and whenever the beef irradiated to “represent a meat CO-MAP is not allowed in Europe, meat turns brownish-red, consumers color that has begun to deteriorate in Photo courtesy of Scott Ford 70 • Meat&Poultry • March 2013 •

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Meat&Poultry - March 2013
Table of Contents
Commentary - Food-safety déjà vu
Business Notes - Vilsack details sequester impact on meat industry
More horse meat detected in European products
Smithfield, Kansas City Sausage form jv
Tyson addresses plant closure, acquisitions
Sanderson to build poultry complex in Texas
USDA expected to OK horse-slaughter plant
Washington - Consequences of inspection cuts
Top 100 - This year's Top 100 ranking reflects the industry's evolution during challenging times
Corporate Citizenship - Sustainability-driven
Small Business Matters - Aiming to please
Ingredient Solutions - Accent on adventure
Pork Processing - Hog ties
Tools of the Trade - Cool Birds
Packaging Solutions - MAP mindsets
Show Preview - Worldwide welcome
From the Corral - Slow and steady improvements
Names in the News
New Product Showcase
Classified Advertising
The Insider

Meat&Poultry - March 2013