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The business journal for meat and poultry processors * * November 2013 LEAVING A LEGACY Temple Grandin's lifework is in the capable hands of many stewards of animal welfare

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Meat&Poultry - November 2013

Meat&Poultry - November 2013
Table of Contents
Commentary - Putting experience into perspective
Business Notes - Pilgrim’s Q3 earnings jump
No charges filed in animal-abuse case
Cargill to label ‘finely textured beef’
FSIS issues new humane-handling guidance
Wright named president of Zacky Farms
Tyson shifts purchases of Canadian cattle
APHIS finalizes BSE rule
South Korea to end Zilmax ban
Washington - Donation-worthy considerations
Cover Story - Leaving a Legacy
Living the Legacy - Taking the road less traveled to a career dedicated to animal welfare
Kurt Vogel knows the exact moment when his career in animal welfare started.
Jennifer Woods marvels at the journey her career in animal welfare has taken her on.
Mark Deesing was looking for answers; Temple Grandin helped him find them.
Supplying the Tools - It didn’t take Chuck Bildstein long to figure out the critical nature of his job.
Vin Volpe has seen the evolution in animal welfare firsthand during his 60 year career.
Food Safety - Sampling, swabbing & safety
Small Business Matters - Edgewood Locker offers a variety of quality products in a no-frills environment
Packaging Solutions - Ratcheting up Convenience
Poultry Processing - Getting a Leg Up
Ingredient Issues - Putting taste back into lean
Tools of the Trade - Adding Convenience and Value
Labor - Blowing the whistle on Whistleblowers
Product Showcase
Names in the News
Classified Advertising
The Insider
IPPE 2014 Processor's Handbook
Table of Contents
Welcoming Letter
Event Schedule
Educational Programs
Floor Map
Industry News

Meat&Poultry - November 2013