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cer explains. "But even the large to very large
processing companies use chamber machines for
products that are big or irregularly shaped, or as
backups for their high-volume packaging equipment - even as test machines in their R&D labs."
Meat processors taking advantage of vacuum
chamber packaging technology experience a number of benefits. First, they will achieve extended
shelf life with the use of vacuum packaging and
modified atmosphere packaging. There is also
the benefit of a low cost of entry. ou can start
vacuum packaging for ust a few thousand dollars
- and pouches cost pennies each," Spencer says.
The systems are also very easy to use, Spencer
adds. Simply set a few parameters - such as
desired pressure and seal time - and close the
lid. That's it. And to top it off, the machines are
extremely versatile. If it fits in the chamber, it
can be packaged, with no tooling changeovers.

Single chamber

MULTIVAC tabletop chamber machines are the
most exible option due to their compact dimensions. They are an ideal packaging solution for
butcher shops, restaurants, hotels and farm stores.
Next in line is the free-standing, single chamber machine. A variety of product types and

sizes can be easily packaged on this piece of
equipment. Various chamber lid heights can be
selected for a variety of product sizes. They can
be individually configured and even automated,
if needed. MULTIVAC free-standing machines
provide extremely high output and also have
industry leading durability.
hen on Taylor, owner of Taylor's Ol' Fashioned Meat in Sierra Madre, California, was in
the market for a new vacuum chamber machine, he consulted fellow meat shop owners
to get some advice. A friend and erman
butcher shop owner pointed him toward
the MULTIVAC chamber machine, which he
used to package his store's sausage, wieners,
bratwurst and knockwurst. After seeing it in
action, Taylor was sold.
It's so easy to use and very e cient, Taylor
says. It was exactly what we wanted - it really
meets our needs."
Taylor's uses its MULTIVAC C
single chamber
machine to package its marinated beef product,
in - to -lb. packages. The free-standing machine is easy to operate, clean and maintain, Taylor says.
e haven't needed to have it serviced
by the company at all in the time we've had it
- we've changed the oil ourselves.


Multivac - Under pressure (Sept. 2019)

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