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O ther features include:

simple operation and product data

ability to tilt the chamber lid for easy

modular extension capabilities

high seal seam quality for maximum
package security and

hygienic stainless-steel construction,
tilting lids and cleanable belts.

Staying clean

efore making a purchase decision, processors
should evaluate the hygienic design of the prospective competitors to ensure the machines are
easy to clean, Spencer adds. This is essential in
order to protect processors and their customers
from the risks of foodborne pathogens.
W hile the burden of food safety is typically
placed on the processor, the concept of hygienic
design is w here equipment manufacturers
make their contributions to keeping food safe.
MULTIVAC chamber machines are designed for
the hygiene requirements of the food industry.
By using sanitary design principles and high-quality materials, MULTIVAC ensures that its equipment is conducive to safe and quick cleaning.
The machine is designed for cleaning and disinfection with uids. Easy-care components and smooth
surfaces ensure quick and simple cleaning. The
high-quality stainless-steel construction makes the
machines resilient, durable and suitable for continuous use in food processing environments. ygienic design and high-quality materials ensure reliable
cleaning. The smooth, angled external surfaces
without recesses, corners or edges are also easy to
clean without harborage areas.
MULTIVAC's tabletop machines and compact
free-standing chamber machines feature sealing
bars, filling plates and sloping inserts that can be
removed for cleaning without tools. The vacuum
chamber and chamber lid have a smooth surface
and can be easily cleaned and sanitized.


Multivac - Under pressure (Sept. 2019)

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