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quickly identify the cause of an alarm, and
look up replacement parts for repairs and
preventative maintenance.
" At the end of the week, I walked away from
this class with a more solid understanding of
the machine I care for, how to test and adjust
settings for a better package, how to monitor
components for signs of wear and how to
quickly identify and troubleshoot failures. "
Salzman said. " I would highly recommend this
course to any technician who wants to be a
hero and increase his company's packaging
productivity. "
MULTIVAC University offers technical training
specific to its machines and equipment giving
attendees expert knowledge of the machines
they work with every day.
problems caused by high moisture and/or too
much vacuum.
" Now that we have had a chance to customize
the vacuum parameters to each recipe, we can
achieve the results our customers require, "
Salzman said.
Students enrolled in courses receive a tablet
with downloaded resources specific to
machines they work with. Salzman said he
continues to use this tablet daily, and he can
apply the information learned at the University
to real time electrical component issues at
the plant. He can identify machine elements
alphanumerically, track power sources to
In addition to the advanced classes,
MULTIVAC University's course offerings
cover Thermoformer machine fundamentals,
preventive maintenance, troubleshooting,
a certified technician training program, as
well as fundamentals classes for automatic
and semi-automatic Traysealers. Regardless
of the level or focus of courses taken,
MULTIVAC University transfers its expertise
to students who are then able to optimize the
performance of their facility's machines.
Derek Geiger, hard cheese production
supervisor at Schuman, which is
headquartered in Fairfield, NJ, attended
the three-day Thermoformer Fundamentals
course. Geiger said the knowledge he gained
has decreased downtime and given him more
confidence in his ability to correct issues as
they come up. He's also able to share what he
learned with others he works with.
" Overall, I feel everything I learned was
valuable, " Geiger said. " The biggest take
away from the training for me was testing
the machine functions. This allows us to
find and resolve issues before we begin
production. This reduces downtime and
increases production. I also wanted to add
that MULTIVAC University is a very unique

Multivac - An Industry in Need - April 2023

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