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" MULTIVAC has always been at the forefront
of hygienic design, " Uebele said. " One of our
corporate missions is to continuously push
ourselves to build the best state-of-the-art
equipment with hygiene and safety in mind. "
Customer service
Just as it is when purchasing any other
MULTIVAC equipment, when a processor
invests in the F286 thermoformer, customer
service, training and tech support are an
integral part of the purchase.
" When you decide on a MULTIVAC
packaging solution, you are not only
opting for the highest level of quality and
efficiency, but also for comprehensive
customer care and exceptional service, "
said Drew Lericos, Senior Director of
Marketing for MULTIVAC.
No matter the size of the processing
operation, MULTIVAC will provide the
necessary training to get processors up and
running on their new machines.
" Along with professional installation of
your new equipment, you will have access
to more than 80 field service technicians
across the country that expertly service
the equipment if there are any types of
problems, " Lericos said.
" The same thing goes for tech support,
whether it's online troubleshooting or via
the phone, " Hanneken said.
Service technicians are available if in-person
service is needed, however, many issues can be
resolved through the MULTIVAC call-in center
DirecTech® service. DirecTech® is manned live,
seven days a week by seven service professionals
(over 80% of all calls made to DirecTech® are
solved on the phone within a couple of hours).
When you choose MULTIVAC equipment, you are
choosing a supplier service partner for the life of
the machine.
" We work with our processors through our
Innovation Center to make sure they are able
to create a package exactly to the specifications
they desire, " Lericos said. " We can sample run
product for them to test seal strength and ensure
they are getting the shelf life their product
requires along with an attractive package that
well represents their brand. "
In the discovery period, before any purchase
is made, MULTIVAC works hard to ensure its
customers are getting exactly what they want
and need from their packaging investment.
Promising high output capabilities, high-quality
sealing and production flexibility, the F286
thermoformer from MULTIVAC is the perfect
machine for any processor entering the meat
snack game. And, as the American consumer's
love of snacking continues alongside the ongoing
pursuit of protein at every daypart including snack
time, the growth of the meat snacks market shows
no signs of slowing. When it comes to meat snack
packaging - the F286 meets the need.
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Multivac - On-the-go packaging - September 2021

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