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Vision systems are
used to verify presence,
placement and accuracy
of items like printing,
labeling, branding, etc.
Effective sanitation programs are essential
to maintaining safe food processing
" Sanitation is the foundation of a
comprehensive food safety system, " Galindo
Inspection and detection
Moving down the production line, processors
rely on inspection and detection systems to
help keep products safe from contamination
and companies protected from recalls.
Inspection systems can also help processors
meet required product specifications. The
systems are necessary components to any
production line for both food quality and
safety, and effective inspection systems can
deliver both.
MULTIVAC's inspection systems cover a broad
spectrum of tasks including foreign material
detection, weight inspection and final pack
inspection. The line of equipment includes
standalone metal detectors that can detect
ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless-steel metal
contaminants in the product. X-ray systems
detect non-metallic foreign objects, such
as stone, glass or bone, as well as metallic
objects. All these contaminants can be
localized and identified on the screen of the
HMI terminal. It is also possible with X-ray
technology to check packs for completeness
of content.
Standalone checkweighers weigh individual
packages to ensure they comply with the
printed package weight and reduce product
giveaway. In addition to standalone units, the
company offers metal detector/checkweigher
combo units that have a metal detector head
and a weigh cell in the same machine to save
space on the production floor.
MULTIVAC's inspection solutions focus on
reliability and efficiency. The company's
innovative products and state-of-the-art
manufacturing technology fulfills the demands
of today's meat and poultry processors.
" Whether you're looking for something that's
entry level or something that's advanced and

Multivac - Preventing Recalls - June 2022

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