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Quality printing systems can also help
manufacturers implement effective track
and trace programs. A track and trace
system is a software-based solution to
track vehicles, loading units, shipments or
products throughout the entire supply chain,
from supplier to consumer. In the instance
of a product recall, track and trace can help
provide the necessary information to assist
in the process of removing product from the
supply chain.
MULTIVAC's I 310 metal detector helps mitigate
the risk of metallic contamination in your product.
" We provide the printing solutions that can
enable pursuit of track and trace and that
optimization of the recall process, " Mekler says.
packaging machine, the printer automatically
gets all the new settings too. "
MULTIVAC also partners with third-party
printing supplier when piecing together their
packaging line, however there are advantages
to getting packaging and printing from the
same supplier.
" The advantage of partnering with MULTIVAC
is we bring together the expertise in the
packaging systems and in printing. We know
how the packaging machine operates and
how we need to integrate printing into the
packaging machine to facilitate optimal
implementation of that solution, " Mekler
says. " Our mission from a printing portfolio
perspective is, if there's a printing solution that
a customer wants, we're able to supply it. "
Single-source supplier
MULTIVAC offers processors a full line of
technology and equipment solutions to help
prevent potential foodborne pathogen or
food contamination recalls. From production
equipment designed utilizing hygienic design
standards to inspection and detection systems to
help detect possible contamination, all the way
to printing solutions that can help streamline the
recall process, if such an event occurs, MULTIVAC
provides all the necessary technology.
" MULTIVAC prides itself on being a singlesource
supplier, " Mekler says. " We help our
customers reduce complexity and chaos by
not only being a trusted advisors and solution
providers, but also consulting on the full
scope of their packaging line. We can equip
processors with their packaging machines, the
labeling and printing that goes on the package,
the inspection, and all the downstream
elements as well. "
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Multivac - Preventing Recalls - June 2022

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