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Small operators can benefit from
ancillary additions to existing
operations to help streamline
processes and increase productivity.
The popularity of meat and poultry products
in the United States isn't slowing. Despite
the surge in consumption of plant-based
alternative proteins, the demand for meat
by US consumers continues to rise. The US
Department of Agriculture estimated last May
that Americans will consume 223.9 lbs. of red
meat and poultry in 2021, compared to 204.6
lbs. a decade ago.
The animal slaughtering and processing
industry employs more than 515,000
people, according to the North American
Meat Institute (NAMI). Labor Department data
shows more than 330,000 of these individuals
work in production-related jobs including
production line supervisors and operators,
food processing workers, butchers and meat
cutters and almost 78,000 people work as
slaughterers and meatpackers.
However, labor concerns continue to plague
the meat and poultry processing industry.
Dr. Dustin Ahern, vice president and Rabo
Research Animal Protein analyst at Rabo
AgriFinance, said while testifying before the
House Agriculture Committee Subcommittee
on Livestock and Foreign Agriculture, " One
of the biggest challenges facing existing
MULTIVAC's T600 thermoformer can be
configured with a number of ancillary

Simple Solutions - Multivac

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