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poultry operators, the company has a wide
range of solutions that are ideal for smaller
processors. These machines and their ancillary
add-ons can help provide processors with the
necessary tools to bring even a small level of
additional automation to their operations, that
can have a surprisingly large impact.
" We are creating and investing in inventory
to make it easier for the small customer to
build small machine lines, " said Christian
Uebele, Director of Product Innovation and
Technical Training, MULTIVAC. " Our goal is to
have options that can be ordered right out
of our inventory to make a small line more
productive. "
The sky's the limit when it comes to
equipment that can be configured alongside
existing traysealing, thermoforming and
belted chamber machines (See " Automation
add-ons " for a list of some of the options).
" We have small lines to large lines, and
we can put them together in the custom
configuration to suit what the customer needs
when it comes to their requirements on
space, timeline for delivery of equipment and
budget, " said Melissa Fischer, Director of Sales
- Automation, MULTIVAC.
A simple solution for smaller processors which
can help reduce the requirement for labor and
make production more efficient is an inline
labeler, similar to what MegaFit Meals added
to its operation.
" Surprisingly, so many small companies are
applying a label by hand. An inline labeler is a
small addition, but it would make their process
a whole lot easier and more efficient, " Uebele
said. " It's not necessarily about getting rid of
a person or decreasing your labor force, it's
about figuring out how to reallocate a person
to help increase productivity. "
Depending on the systems and equipment
already in operation at the plant, there are
a number of potential pairings that can
further streamline production. Below is
a list of the ancillary equipment that can
pair with MULTIVAC's primary packaging
equipment lines:
(T300; T600; TX720)
* Singulation
* Bump turn
* Inline labeling
* Web printing
* Check weighing
* Metal detection
* X-ray
* Rotating accumulation table
(R085; R105; R126; R145; R225)
* Singulation MBS
* Inline labeling
* Web printing
* Check weighing
* Metal detection
* X-ray
* Rotating accumulation table
(B325; B425; B625)
* Shrinking tunnels
* Drying tunnels
* Check weighing
* Metal detection
* X-Ray
* Inline labeling
* Rotating accumulation table

Simple Solutions - Multivac

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