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MULTIVAC offers field service technicians, 24/7
call-in center DirecTech® service and dial-in
capabilities for remote troubleshooting.
" Our service technicians are well trained on all
of these machines, so if you're running a new
product and you have to set up something
new, you can just call MULTIVAC to help solve
your problem, as opposed to calling several
different vendors, " Fischer said.
" You always have the option to install thirdThe
I 310 metal detector can be added to an
existing packaging line to make the system
more functional and streamline.
party machines into your line, " Uebele added.
" But there's a disadvantage to that. If you stay
with all MULTIVAC equipment in your line, they
can all communicate with each other, and we
can easily support you to meet all your service
and production needs. "
After adding additional equipment options to
an existing line, MULTIVAC offers the added
bonus of its MULTIVAC Line Control system,
which syncs the communication between each
piece of equipment.
" It's one machine, one control. You can
change recipes from one HMI (humanmachine
interface). You can change settings
on the whole machine line from one HMI, as
opposed to having to run up and down the
line and mess with each machine's settings
individually, " Uebele said.
Syncing up machines from the same
manufacturer also provides the added benefit
of only having to go to one provider for service.
While ancillary equipment additions to existing
MULTIVAC lines are an effective way to
increase automation and production efficiency,
processors can also benefit from investing in
full-line solutions during the initial stages of
designing new production lines.
" If you wait to do things one machine at a time,
you may be painting yourself in a corner later, "
Uebele said. " You run the risk of not having the
space to add additional machines, which could
hinder your ability to automate. "
MULTIVAC offers a broad range of full-line
production systems that comprise a wide
range of processing solutions. Considering all
the options upfront can save time and money
in the long run resulting in greater efficiency
with a strong ROI.
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Simple Solutions - Multivac

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