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Moving Nutrition Forward: Keep Brands
Relevant through Personalization
Long gone are the days of a one-product-fits-all approach to innovation. Today's consumers are eating in
increasingly personalized ways as they pursue aspirations of health and wellness. This presents challenges
and opportunities for companies to get creative.
"Consumers want it all," says Tom Hirschbeck, director
of research and development-powders, Nellson LLC,
Anaheim, Calif. "They want to satisfy cravings and stay focused on ingredients and functional health benefits. They
want healthier grab-and-go snacks that are a splurge and
an experience, while also being convenient."
Euromonitor's top-10 global trends for 2019 showed
consumers are actively seeking solutions to take back
control of their lifestyles. Findings highlight key drivers
such as personalized nutrition along with a demand
for transparency, appealing to consumers as they seek
health and wellness products that allow them to feel
in control of their own physical and mental states. It
might be a "wake-me-up morning shake" to drink on
the commute from gym to office or a "help me chill
out and stave off hunger pangs bar" while stuck in
traffic on the drive home.

At the physiological level, personalized nutrition refers to one's unique ability to absorb and metabolize
nutrients as a consequence of genetic profile and gut
microbiome. While most consumers are not equipped
with such details, they are much more in tune with
their bodies then previous generations. They research
and seek out products to help them perform at their
best. Consumers' individualized notions of and approaches to eating requires brands to better manage
nutrition in order to move forward in today's complex
Eating has become a personal balancing act for most
shoppers, according to U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends
2019 from the Food Marketing Institute (FMI). They are
constantly reevaluating and recalibrating in light of shifting needs, values, priorities and pressures of life.
"Eating and shopping are complex dances increasingly
choreographed to the unique internal rhythms of individual households," according to the study. "As American food shoppers present such a multiplicity of dynamic
needs and expectations, retailers question not only how
specific their offerings need to be to satisfy so many


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