Olam; Flavor Craving - May 2017 - 2

Globally Sourced Spices and Vegetable
Ingredients Drive Flavor Innovation
Throughout the supermarket and on menus
across the country, it's apparent that many
varied and very specific ethnic flavors are
driving innovation. Gone are the days of dining on simply "Chinese," "Italian" or "Mexican."
Today's consumers want specialty cuisines
from remote regions of the world, places they
aspire to visit. They are touring the world one
meal at a time through more adventurous
cuisine choices.
"Latin and Indian flavors seem
to be the fastest growing," says
Greg Estep, managing director
and CEO of Olam Spices and
Vegetable Ingredients (SVI), Fresno,
Calif. "Our customers are asking for
spices indigenous to specific regions
so that they can deliver authentic
taste profiles."
Curious Americans want to explore
the flavors of these regions while in
the comforts of their home. They also
want to know the story behind the
foods they are
eating. As

much as they want locally sourced ingredients, they are intrigued by the global market
and attracted to foods prepared according to
traditional recipes using native ingredients.
"Spices have been traded and sourced from
all over the world for thousands of years," says
Mr. Estep. "There's a certain romance of spices that is alluring to consumers who truly appreciate authentic flavors, which nowadays,
is the majority."
It's no wonder that the National Restaurant Association, Washington, D.C., reports that chefs
are delving deeper into global flavors, both in
terms of authentic ethnic cuisine, as well as
fusions and flavor integration. Southeast Asian
cuisines are still a big part of this trend--especially lesser known ones, such as Laotian and
Filipino--but African and Middle Eastern spices
are coming on especially strong.
Pairings of sweet with heat create a harmonious balance between opposing flavors. This is
enticing to many consumers, especially those
craving flavor, yet reluctant to dive into intensely hot and spicy foods.
"It's all about using the right combination
of spices with base flavor ingredients, which
often include garlic, onions and tomatoes,
to achieve the perfect flavor balance," says
Mr. Estep.


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