Olam; Flavor Craving - May 2017 - 3

Olam SVI is uniquely poised to deliver authentic spices. The company's diverse ingredient
portfolio is sourced from 12 origins and manufactured in six countries. Olam SVI team members are on the ground in all key producing
origins including India, Vietnam, Indonesia,
Cambodia, Malaysia and Brazil.
"This robust spice sourcing network feeds into
our world-class processing facilities in India
and Vietnam, which offer the highest finished
product quality, safety and security with comprehensive customization capabilities," says
Mr. Estep. "We work closely with growers to
ensure quality and security. We possess supply
chain control from field to factory."
Olam SVI has the leading global position in
black and white pepper, and its multi-origin
sourcing of ginger is unique in the industry.
Additional spice operations include farm-level
sourcing of red pepper, chili pepper, cassia,
nutmeg, turmeric, cumin and coriander.
The company is the world's largest supplier of
dried onion, garlic and capsicums (peppers).
It processes more than 1.3 million tons of
tomatoes annually, which are grown on nearly
50,000 acres in California. The company is also
the world's largest producer of dried parsley,
which is grown in California, too.
"We grow garlic in California and China,
and blend, toast and customize the garlic
to meet customers' specifications," says Mr.
Estep. "With capsicums, we have seed-tofactory operations in the U.S., and farm-gate
relationships and programs with producers
in India and Peru. This allows us to offer the
broadest range of chili varieties and the
most versatile selection of ingredient forms
to the industry."

Fresh Vegetable Flavor
Delivered Instantly
To add true vegetable flavor to prepared
foods, manufacturers turn to GardenFrost
SoftFrozen™ Purées from Olam SVI. They
are made with vegetables picked at peak
freshness, thoroughly inspected and cleaned.
Once puréed, they are chilled and packed
at a freezing temperature using proprietary
technology. The result is vegetable purées
with farm-fresh taste that thaw five times more
quickly than traditional frozen vegetables.
The purées are very manageable, even when
frozen. They can be scooped straight from the
freezer for foodservice use. They keep fresh for
two years under frozen conditions, and can go
from freezer to refrigerator and back again.
To achieve customized flavor profiles, the
company offers extensive finishing capabilities,
including fire roasting, kettle roasting, light
and dark roasting and sautéing. Additional
customization includes blending with herbs
and spices to deliver various ethnic profiles.


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