Olam; Flavor Craving - May 2017 - 4

Joelle Mosso, director-natural and organic at Olam SVI explains that with such a
broad range of ingredients in the company's portfolio, the company assists customers with maximizing the functionality
of spice and vegetable ingredients to
achieve the best flavor and the cleanest

Olam Invests in Sustainable
Production of Onions
Olam SVI offers seed-to-fork traceability of dried
onions, as well as proprietary high solids varieties
and advanced processing capabilities.
In addition to its growing operations in California
and three nearby processing facilities, the
company's proprietary onion expertise comprised of
seed breeding technology and planting programs
has transformed Egyptian deserts into growing and
processing communities. The stable climate of the
desert provides the ideal conditions for growing
onions. There's minimal humidity, which reduces the
chance of disease, pests and weeds. This allows for
high yield using the fewest resources.
"We are committed to long term-investment in the
sustainability of our global supply chain," says Mr.
Estep. "Our goal is to reduce our consumption of
natural resources and positively enrich the livelihoods
of the people and communities we impact."
In this video you will learn about the education and
investment programs that Olam SVI provides farmers
in emerging economies. In addition you will see
the quality and safety programs employed at the
company's two Egyptian processing facilities.

"We've always been clean label," Ms.
Mosso says. "We encourage customers
to have that work in their favor, to have
them achieve more out of the whole
food ingredients we offer."
For example, natural vegetable pure├ęs
can be used to deliver color and fiber to
products such as soups and sauces. Spices can be blended to deliver color, too.
"We believe flavors should come from
food," she says. "And we have a proven
track record of delivering delicious flavor solutions to the world's largest food


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