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Sourcing Non-GMO
and Organic Ingredients
Nearly 5% of all food sold in the United States
in 2015 was organic, according to the Organic Trade Association, Washington. D.C. Historically most of this has come from perimeter
departments in retail stores, as it is easy for
shoppers to make the connection between
agricultural practices used in the field and
fresh, perishable foods. However, as consumers increasingly crave convenience and flavor
adventure, they are looking beyond these
departments to the packaged and prepared
foods aisles for organic offerings.
The challenge is sourcing ingredients. The
U.S. Department of Agriculture requires certified organic products to have at least 95%
organic ingredients in order to sport the
official organic seal. There is an approved
National List of allowed non-organically
produced agricultural-based ingredients for
use in organic-certified foods. A number of
essential ingredients for many packaged
foods are not on that list.
Herbs and spices, for example, are not. This
means foods certified organic can only contain organically certified herbs and spices,
which are in a very limited supply.
"Building an organic supply chain is a

challenge given the restriction on organic
acreage and the learnings required for
perfecting agricultural production in an
organic system," says Ms. Mosso. "For suppliers
to the industry, there is always a level of
uncertainty on the volume that the market
can support for any given organic ingredient."
Olam SVI works closely with its growers to offer
an extensive range of organic tomato and
other vegetable ingredients.
"This year we are focusing on our San Joaquin
Valley organic tomato line," says Ms. Mosso "In
addition, Olam is building the supply chain
for U.S. grown and processed dried organic
parsley, organic spinach powder and organic
kale powder. These products are in the initial
phases of development and will roll out in the
later part of 2017."
A key differentiator for Olam is its international
presence and expertise in spices from around
the world. This provides the company access
to an extensive portfolio of ingredients.
"Starting this year, our U.S. customers can obtain organic chili pepper, ginger and turmeric,
which we source from our facilities in India,"
says Ms. Mosso. 


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