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About Olam
For new players to the natural
foods space, Ms. Mosso says
it's much easier to enter the
category by using non-GMO
ingredients, and then transition
into organic as the brand develops and grows.
"We have larger, consistent volumes
of non-GMO options in our diverse
portfolio of ingredients," she says. "Our
organic program is strong, and it's
growing. With our strong technical
capabilities, we can assist customers
with parallel product development of
non-GMO and organic formulations."
Organic ingredients, in particular
spices, are handled differently from
conventional ingredients. Many
are not available off the shelf. They
require advance planning, cultivation and production. When a
manufacturer is ready to commit to an organic purchasing
schedule, supply can then
be secured.
"It's always important
to keep in mind that
even when agriculture is
at its best, you cannot
make something grow
faster," says Ms. Mosso.
"There's also always
uncertainty regarding
weather and yield."
For more information visit
OlamSVI at www.olamsvi.com

Olam Spices & Vegetable Ingredients (Olam
SVI), headquartered in Fresno, Calif., is the
world's largest globally integrated producer
and supplier of spices and vegetable ingredients, such as dried onions and garlic, black
pepper and capsicums. The company's ingredients are found in nearly every food product in grocery stores, restaurants and family
kitchens around the world, in more than 70
countries. Olam SVI sources from 12 origins,
manufactures in six countries and sells to the
world's leading food companies.
In the U.S., Olam breeds the highest performing seeds, then plants, harvests and immediately processes its crops to create vegetable
ingredients of the highest quality. By managing the entire supply chain--from seed to
shelf--Olam SVI applies its best practices in
processing, food safety and traceability to its
operations in six major origins, helping to minimize risk in emerging markets.
Olam's philosophy on innovation is to create
value and improvements in quality control,
processing and agricultural practices. The
Innovation & Quality Center is comprised of
multiple labs and acts as a hub to drive food
safety and quality standards; first-to-market
ideas; custom food and ingredient prototyping and value-added formulations, sometimes
made with 100% wholly sourced and controlled Olam food ingredients.
The company is committed to positive impacts on land, carbon, water and livelihoods
through its worldwide operations. It leads the
industry in sustainability and applies responsible growing practices around the world with a
goal of yielding the highest production, using
the fewest resources possible while preserving
the health of the land it grows on.


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