Olam: The Road to Market - September 2017 - 1

the road to

From seed to finished product, the benefits
of a sustainable, traceable supply chain
Remember when delicious was the only
quality necessary to keep customers happy?
Today's shoppers expect so much more from
food and beverage. In addition to valueadded nutrition and convenience, they want
a story. They want to know where their food
comes from and how it was prepared.
To remain relevant to today's consumers,
there's only one direction to go on your road
to market. It's the path where you source sustainable, traceable ingredients manufactured
in a way that is good to the earth, good to the
producer and good to the consumer.
This is also called smart business. With the
onset of the Food Safety Modernization
Act (FSMA), the rising cost of recalls and
the increase in counterfeit products, food
processors are increasingly seeking out
brand protection solutions.
"The need for brand protection and product
traceability has a huge impact on the supply

chain," says Jorge Izquierdo, vice president
of global marketing for The Association for
Packaging and Processing Technologies
(PMMI), Reston, Va. "With the average cost
of a recall for a food company being $10
million or more in direct costs, business
interruption, brand damage and lost sales,
the FSMA is driving food and beverage
suppliers toward more track and trace in
order to better trace accountability for losses."
Ensuring trust and confidence in the food
chain is paramount. Partnering with vertically
integrated ingredient suppliers enables
manufacturers to control their supply chain
through greater traceability. This is part of the
story to tell today's consumers.

Farmgate to Taste Great
Vertically integrated Olam Spices and
Vegetable Ingredients (SVI), Fresno,
Calif., has a diverse ingredient portfolio
in three complementary platforms: dried
vegetables, tomatoes and spices. Olam SVI


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