Olam: The Road to Market - September 2017 - 2

Olam SVI grow garlic in California, with
additional processing operations in China,
and blends, toasts and customizes the garlic
to meet customers' specifications.
sources and/or operates in 12 countries
and manufactures in six countries. In
each of these locations, Olam SVI team
members are present and involved in daily
operations. When sourcing in-origin, the
company begins with robust specifications
for products, ensuring control at origin
through contract farming or buying at
farmgate, all managed in-country by Olam
SVI employees.
"We work closely with all of our growers to
ensure quality and security," says Greg Estep,
managing director and CEO. "We either
have ownership or active engagement in
every stage of the supply chain. This ensures
our customers comprehensive product
security and food integrity. We believe that
only our visionary approach to supply
chain control can reliably deliver the highest
possible product integrity and value."

It's this rigorous approach to seed-to-factory operations that has made Olam SVI the
world's largest supplier of dried onion, garlic
and capsicums (peppers). Seed breeding
is managed by the company's Ag Research
and Development team in Hanford, Calif. It's
an ongoing program to improve quality and
efficiencies while minimizing crop risk and
maximizing harvest season.
The company is also a leader in tomatoes,
processing more than 1.3 million tons of
tomatoes annually, which are grown on
nearly 50,000 acres in California. In addition,
the company is the world's largest producer
of dried parsley, all grown in California.
When it comes to sourcing global spices,
Olam SVI team members are on the ground
in all key-producing origins including India,
Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia


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