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The Power of Limited-Time Offerings
one of the smartest marketing platforms in
the food and beverage space. Often centered
around seasonal flavors , LTOs create an
urgency to purchase because the product may
not be available during the next shopping trip.
Sometimes LTOs are simply bizarre flavors that
a marketer creates to draw attention to the
brand. Whatever driver, as the name suggests,
the product is only available for a limited time.
Timing is everything.
It's classic supply and demand, with LTOs
inviting consumers to be adventurous with
little risk. They present consumers with an
opportunity to try something new,
maybe even more indulgent
than their norm. The
urgency to purchase
provides permission
to explore. Even
when food
dollars are tight,
consumers may
dig a little deeper
into their pockets
to participate.
Marketers must
never forget that
with date-specific
products, for example,
Halloween, the day after
comes the discounts. That's
because consumers are ready to
move on to the next big event. Again, timing
is everything.
Overkill may happen with seasonal
innovations when there are delays in the
supply chain and a product is late to the
game. Pumpkin spice is a great example. It is
starting to show up in all types of products
earlier every year. By the time October rolls
around, the urgency to purchase has subsided
and latecomers may experience overstocks on
Black Friday.
A successful LTO requires commitment from
many players in the food chain, in particular the
ingredient supplier providing the components
that make the formulation an LTO. Team
members must have a complete understanding
and mutual commitment to the launch date
to ensure flawless execution and coordination
with marketing and promotional materials.
" With consumers craving flavor adventure
since the onset of the pandemic, we
have seen the concept of LTO
in almost every food and
beverage category, and
there are no signs that
this trend will be slowing
down, " said Josh
Lanagan, President of
Solutions at Prinova.
" Our guidance and
expertise assists
innovators with bringing
LTOs to market in a
timely manner. "
Prinova simplifies the
supply chain with customized
premixes and flavor/sweetener
blends. These solutions mean fewer
manufacturing inputs and fewer variables for
the procurement team to manage.
It's one
core reason why innovative up-and-coming
brands to multinationals rely on their logistical

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