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Prinova and its sister company Armada
Nutrition, are committed to premix formulation
and manufacturing with coast-to-coast supply
chain security. Armada just opened its 438,000
square feet greenfield facility in Salt Lake City.
Now, three locations can meet continued
demand for innovative powder nutrient
premixes, also a key supply chain component
for many carbonated beverage products.
" At a time when 'ready-to-drink' is driving
significant growth for many sports and lifestyle
nutrition brands, customers can now leverage
more than one million square feet of premix
manufacturing, " said Brett Laffey, President of
Armada Nutrition. " Armada's state-of-the-art
facility offers unprecedented safety, quality and
sustainability practices that ensures the speed,
service and innovation the industry demands. "
The Future of Value-Added Nutrition
attitudes and behaviors have emerged in the
wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, according
to the 2022 Food & Health Survey conducted
by the International Food Information Council
(IFIC), Washington, D.C. Many of these
changes are fueling the innovation of valueadded
nutrition in the form of everything
from beverages to snack foods. Premixes
and market-ready nutrient blends enable
innovators to simplify and accelerate product
development, while meeting label claims and
accounting for overages of key nutrients.
The IFIC survey showed that more than a
third of Americans (37%) are seeking energy
and less fatigue from foods, beverages and
nutrients. Other top benefits sought include
weight loss/management (30%), digestive/gut
health (29%), heart/cardiovascular
health (28%), improved sleep
(26%) and immune function/
health (25%). Improved
sleep is more likely to
be sought by younger
generations (35% Gen
Z, 33% Millennials),
while heart health is
more likely to be sought
by Gen X (31%) and
Boomers (33%).
One of the most significant
upticks in the 2022 survey was the number of
Americans who reported following a diet or
eating pattern, which soared 13% in the past
year alone (39% in 2021 vs. 52% in 2022), driven
primarily by consumers under age 50. The
most common diets or eating patterns in 2022
included clean eating (16%), mindful eating
(14%), calorie-counting (13%) and plant-based
While the number of those who diet or
follow an eating pattern jumped, the top
motivations for doing so remained the same
as 2021: protecting long-term health (35%)
and losing weight (34%). Weight loss/weight
management is also on the minds of many
who are seeking health benefits from foods,
beverages or nutrients. Thirty percent of
survey takers reported looking to achieve this
benefit from their food and beverage
choices, narrowly edging out the
number seeking benefits related
to digestive/gut health (29%),
cardiovascular/heart health
(28%) and improved sleep
(26%). The most highly
sought-after health benefit,
however, was improved
energy and less fatigue (37%).
Nearly one in three (31%)
said they've been eating more
protein from whole-plant sources

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