Prinova - 2022 - 6

this year, with other increases including people
reporting consuming more soy-based milk/
yogurt (18%) and other plant-based dairy
alternatives (23%).
" At Prinova, we are committed to advancing
human nutrition through high-quality,
functional ingredients, " said Jason Sikkenga,
President of Ingredients at Prinova. " We
continually work to be a reliable partner
through sourcing and sharing, from deep
market intel to transparent formulations.
Eminently scalable, we are one of the few
partners who can provide everything from
single ingredients to custom nutrient premixes.
Strong technical expertise, including
micronizing and specification-based particle
size enhancement, is guaranteed. "
" We are experts at powder premixes that are
efficient, stable and cost-effective. for a variety
of applications, " said Josh Lanagan, President
of Solutions at Prinova. " Our formulation
and application teams work directly with
brand research and development, food
manufacturers and product developers to
devise optimum solutions. "
Prinova enables innovators to be confident
in the source of supply, even for the most indemand
ingredients. Thanks to the company's
strong global relationships with suppliers
and leading market positions in key product
categories, Prinova can provide exactly what
you need, when you need it.
" One of the most popular areas is what
we call next-generation meal replacement
powders, " said Dan Force, Vice President
Innovation and Marketing at Prinova. " They are
a match made in self-care heaven for younger
generations of consumers, specifically 16 to 35
year-olds. Unlike previous meal replacement
offerings, they're not focused on addressing
a particular health issue like weight loss or
muscle gain; they promise a complete and
balanced lifestyle. "
There's still plenty of room for you to get a
scoop of the action. Let Prinova get you to
market sooner than later.

Prinova - 2022

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