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A Closer Look
at Vanilla

Distinctions in Flavor


t turns out there's nothing plain
about vanilla. Often considered
a base or foundational flavor, this
fragrant spice features over 200
flavor and aroma compounds, vanillin
included, making it one of the most
complex and sensuous flavors we can
experience. It explains why a little
goes a long way in the kitchen, and
why it has captivated the culinary
world ever since the Aztecs blended
pods (beans) from the Tlilxochitl vine
(vanilla) with cacao beans to make
chocotatl, a drink the Spaniards
introduced to Europe in the 1500s.
Conquistador Hernando Cortés
is credited with bringing many
riches to Europe after defeating
the Aztecs, including chocolate
and vanilla - a match proved to
be so alluring it has dominated
flavor profiles around the world
for centuries. In fact, vanilla's
reputation as a "plain" flavoring
speaks not only to its ubiquitous
use, but also to its natural ability
to enhance other flavors including

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chocolate. It's a proven match to a
wide range of beloved foods such as
nuts, coconut, coffee, honey, maple,
sugar, butter and many others.

Two major species used
commercially come from the
orchid V. planifolia and V.
tahitensis, together making up
about 98 percent of the world's
source of vanilla. That instantly
recognizable, all-purpose, sweet
and creamy vanilla flavor hails from
planifolia, known for its depth
of flavor and velvety mouthfeel.
Tahitensis, by contrast, is prized for
its fruity, floral profile with notes of
anise, cherry and smoke. Vanilla's
complex flavors develop based on
the plant's species and terroir -
the locale, climate and soil where
it's grown - in addition to curing
techniques and other processing
methods. With its underlying
appeal and its potential for endless
nuance, it's no wonder vanilla has
enjoyed an ongoing reign as the
most popular flavor in the world.

by Category

Ice Cream
Vanilla 1st

Milk Drinks
Vanilla 2nd*

Vanilla 1st


Vanilla 1st

Chocolate Confectionery
Vanilla 1st
(Vanilla is a key
ingredient in chocolate)

Cakes & Pastries
Vanilla 2nd*

Sweet Biscuits
Vanilla 2nd*

Baking Mixes
Vanilla 2nd*

*After chocolate

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Prova - A Closer Look at Vanilla

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