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Excellence in Extracts
An Enhanced
Chocolate Experience


hocolate makes poets muse, couples fall in
love and pessimists turn positive. It's one of
those rarefied foods and ingredients that
is almost universally enjoyed, whether for
a lavish occasion or an everyday pick-me-up. There's
a reason why the ancient Mayans who discovered
chocolate turned it into a ceremonial drink and why it
was often served in 17th century royal courts.
People are quite discerning about chocolate:
not just any chocolate will do. Today's consumers
expect a certain level of quality with chocolate and
chocolate flavor, and, as with other foods and drinks,
want to know more about where it comes from and
how it is made.

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As the affinity for richly-flavored chocolate spans
virtually all demographics, nations and tastes, there is
more chocolate to savor. Consumers are hungry for
variety with chocolate, open to exploring new flavors
and formats even as they indulge in favorite classics.
Delivering these elevated experiences requires
high-performing chocolate ingredients. PROVA,
a pioneer in cocoa extraction, works with
manufacturers all over the world to create an array
of sumptuous products made with concentrated
extracts and flavors that are more powerful than
cocoa powder and effectively incorporated into
recipes. Chocolate may be beloved, but an enhanced,
deepened chocolate taste is practically revered.

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Prova - Exellence in Extracts

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