PSSI - Better Together (November 2018) - 1

Why Sanitation Bundling Is Better
For Your Plant, Products and Safety


he crisis starts with headlines about a
growing food safety outbreak and major
product recall. As the situation unfolds,
finger pointing begins and some of those
point in the direction of poor sanitation in
the production facility. Someone, it seems,
missed an opportunity to prevent microbial
contamination. Throughout the food chain,
food retailers and government officials want
answers on what was missed and why.
This scenario and ones like it keep safety
and sanitation managers, not to mention
manufacturing executives and their legal teams,
up at night.

Then there are situations that never make the
headlines and give meat and poultry processors
the comfort of a better night's sleep. Consumers
don't hear about the prevention of foodborne
illness due to effective sanitation practices,
because the system did its job that day, that
entire week, the whole month. It's the best news
that doesn't get released.
Controlling pathogens in the farm-to-fork
chain requires diligence and collaboration, but it
also hinges on thoroughness and consistency. A
consistent, comprehensive sanitation program,
for example, covers critical control points and


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