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INGREDIENT TECHNOLOGY Escalating price has food formulators seeking alternatives Many food formulators may have winced at the news about a versatile and previously costeffective ingredient. The July 8, 2011, edition of Hydrocolloid News, an email newsletter from hydrocolloid consulting company IMR International, reported food-grade guar gum prices had about tripled to more than $2.50 per lb. Researchers through the rest of 2011 scrambled to find alternatives for the ingredient — which, among other things, may keep tortillas from cracking and helps give ice cream a smooth and creamy texture. The food industry wondered when the guar gum bubble might burst. No relief came through the first few months of 2012. The oil and gas industry continued to deplete supplies of guar gum and use them in a technique called “hydraulic fracturing.” The bubble continued to inflate. In fact, by April, guar gum prices had shot up to more than $9 per lb, or more than $20 per kilogram, said Dennis Seisun, founder of San Diego-based IMR International. “I personally doubt guar prices will drop below $10 per kilogram, even after the next crop in India and Pakistan is 30 | Culinology | MAY/JUNE 2012

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Culinology May_June 2012
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President's Letter - Preparing for future challenges
Upcoming Events
Emerging Trends - Kokumi: Flavor from aging
Emerging Trends - Targeted innovation becoming the norm
Emerging Trends - Soup, salads showing strength on the menu
Competition - Going for Gold
Member Profile - Diving into the deep
Interview - Learning from experience
Ingredient Technology - Guat Gum bubble inflates
Chocolate - A winning combination
Petits Fours - Hispanics, singles altering retail trends
Petits Fours - Black Boar Truffle named 2012 product of the year
Petits Fours - Temperature and the intensity of taste
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