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CONSUMER TRENDS The local trend also played a significant role in the NRA’s survey. Locally sourced meats and seafood as well as locally grown produce were the top two trends. Reducing portion and plate sizes will become increasingly important, and fruit will be laced with savory flavors to bring a naturally refreshing and sweet touch to appetizers, soups, vegetable sides and meat entrees. With so many different diet considerations among consumers from vegetarians to those who are sensitive to gluten, restaurants also will place importance on specialized options. And finally, popcorn will become the snack of choice in 2013 and appear in snack bars, croutons, ice cream and more. Food staples may star in 2013 Salads, grains and chicken may drive food service sales in 2013, according to the market research firm Technomic, Ethnic ingredients top McCormick’s Flavor Forecast The discovery of ingredients previously considered ethnic for purposes beyond their traditional uses will be one of the top flavor trends for 2013, according to McCormick & Co., Inc., Sparks, Md. McCormick has released its Flavor Forecast for 2013, making predictions on trends that the company expects will drive flavor innovation in the future. “Around the world, we’re seeing a fascinating collision of tradition and innovation,” said Kevan Vetter, executive chef. “Authentic, real ingredients are still at the core, through now they’re being enjoyed in unique, updated ways that reflect a much more personalized approach to cooking and eating.” The 2013 list includes the following trends: • No apologies necessary: There will be an emphasis on enjoying favorite flavors for a momentary escape. The trend may include flavor pairings such as bitter chocolate, sweet basil and passion fruit as well as black rum, charred orange and allspice. • Personally handcrafted: Home cooks and chefs are expanding their hands-on methods by crafting and perfecting signature ingredients and recipes. The trend may include flavor pairings such as cider, sage and molasses in addition to smoked tomato, rosemary, chile peppers and sweet onions. • Empowered eating: People are connecting their eating to overall health and wellness and desiring a personalized, flexible approach that may change from day to day. Consumers are feeling empowered by finding harmony in what foods are right for them. The trend includes flavor pairings such as ferro grain, blackberry and clove as well as broccoli and dukkah (a blend of cumin, coriander, sesame and nuts). McCormick predicts there will an emphasis on enjoying favorite flavors for a momentary escape in 2013. • Hidden potential: Consumers are finding uses from every part of ingredients and using creative cooking methods in order to not waste anything. The trend includes flavor pairings such as artichoke, paprika and hazelnut in addition to meat cuts, plantain and stick cinnamon. • Global my way: Many ingredients once considered ethnic now are being used in a variety of ways beyond their native uses. Examples include anise and cajeta (Mexican caramel sauce) and Japanese Katsu sauce and oregano. 40 | Culinology | DECEMBER 2012

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Culinology - December 2012
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