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spicy flavors To demonstrate how his product may be used in beverage applications, Chef Chef Mathew Freistadt, who loves to deliver Jud McLester, corporate executive chef and ingredients sales manager for the heat at Wixon, sees hot pepper in bever- McIlhenny Co., brews beer with Tabasco. ages — though not yet trendy on a large “It complements a beer with a bit of color or citrus notes,” he said. “I boil hops scale — in fine dining restaurants as spiced and yeast, then add Tabasco paste (without vinegar) at the end of the boil. It chili peppers in a Margarita or daiquiri (as ferments — I let it sit for a few weeks — then it’s ready to go. I’m showing it to a in strawberry daiquiri, so it’s gin, plus fruit, couple of beer companies and a few smaller microbreweries.” plus jalapenos). In an on-going effort to suggest how to use Tabasco in ways manufacturers “Any of the basic bar beverages can be haven’t considered, Mr. McLester has added it to root beer as well as to Dr Pepper. enhanced with chili peppers, whether mud- “At the recently held RCA conference, I did Tabasco-spiked Sweet Tea and I’ve dled or as a smoked salt with guajillo chili done Avery Island Irish Red Ale spiked with Tabasco,” Mr. McLester said. pepper for a Bloody Mary rimmer,” he said. So, it’s not yet in the forefront of trends, At Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, Chef Scott Weaver is “very excited” Mr. Freistadt admits, “but for people who about his chain’s Spicy Margaritas, slated to debut this summer. make flavor systems for the beverage indus- “America loves spicy and there will be three new ones to come out in August that will span three different cuisines,” Mr. Weaver said. try — that’s where you’ll see experimentation with chili peppers for beverages.” Real taste has authentic beginnings. That’s why our t flavors and extracts are produced from 100% meat flavor rs sources, which contribute to outstanding savory sources, notes in beef, pork, chicken and turkey applications. Add unmatched dimension and richness to your flavor profile with FlavorONE™. From rice to roast, sauces and stuffing, our flavors provide your food the genuine taste that you expect. Proliant Meat Ingredients. For flavor. For quality. For real results. KEEP IT REAL. R E A L I N G R E D I E N T S . R E A L R E S U LT S . For product samples or information, visit

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Culinology - May/June 2013

Culinology - May/June 2013
Table of Contents
President's Letter - Keeping it real
Emerging Trends - Old World bread on the rise
Trends - Predicting what's cool in culinary
Spicy Flavors - What's hot?
Beverage prototypes with a kick
Fats/Oils - Embracing fats (and) oils
Member Profile - Time is on her side
Nuts - Ingredients in a nutshell
2013 RCA Annual Conference
Petits Fours - Morning meal occasion getting a makeover
Whole grains, protein highlight first-quarter menu trends
Upcoming Events
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Culinology - May/June 2013