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PRESIDENT’S LETTER Keeping it real Everywhere we go today we are bombarded with messages about where, when, and what to eat and drink. It is impossible for consumers to not be affected by these messages. Likewise, these days it seems everything is geared toward a fast pace lifestyle meaning simple, uniform, and oftentimes, uninspired products designed to appeal to as many consumers as possible. Is this the future of food? I think not. Fortunately, for the past two decades the food industry has drawn lessons from its artisanal brethren who embrace authenticity, refinement and health. Walk into any liquor store in America and you will find the big names sweating in the cooler, but increasingly you will also find craft brews, regionally specific, and, more often than not, with a loyal consumer base. In fact, the growth of the craft beer industry in my home state of Michigan has boomed so quickly over the past several years that many breweries that were in their infancy a decade ago are announcing six and even seven figure expansion plans. Another company, featured recently in the Wall Street Journal, plans to open a branch in Bangalore, India this year. Local food is also experiencing a renaissance as more Americans realize what our European neighbors have known all along. By keeping it local and delivering a product that is uniquely regional, an enterprising company may create not just a healthy, more sustainable product, but one that is authentic and exciting. Some consumers will forgo convenience for experience. And, as consumers become more educated about food production and its economic and health impacts, the “locavore” movement will become even more relevant. Juice shops and organic establishments have found a niche, but it goes deeper. Remnants of a time when we celebrated authenticity still exist. Case in point: the independent operator who lives with a passion to be the best. It may be the familyowned restaurant around the corner, boutique cheese shop, butcher or even the coffee roaster. Artistry, creativity, and perhaps, most importantly, the satisfaction and pride that comes from giving the consumer a little taste of home ought to be the driving force throughout the food world. Certainly, restaurant chains and manufacturers that serve the retail and food service markets have taken note and are working to bring a sense of local into their establishments and product lines. Finding a balance between authenticity and commercial production is the constant challenge of food product developers today and the companies that employ us. Fortunately, we have an organization that supports our efforts. Indeed, one might assert that the RCA and its members who are Culinology® practitioners are at the core of successful interpretation of authentic foods on a large scale. Through RCA, we have the opportunity to share our innovation challenges, solutions and our passion for creating new, flavorful, honest products and, by doing so, we honor our culinary roots. After all, it is and should be all about the food. Charles Hayes President Research Chefs Association 4 | Culinology | MAY/JUNE 2013 — BOARD MEMBERS — PRESIDENT Charles Hayes CRC, CEC Director of new business development – National accounts Golden Country Foods VICE PRESIDENT Marshall Scarborough Manager of Global Product Development Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen TREASURER Susan Edwards Foodservice Business Development Manager Cryovac Food Solutions/ Sealed Air Corporation SECRETARY Steve Bonasia Corporate Sales Manager-Prepared Foods Division Sanderson Farms, Inc. — DIRECTORS — IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT Christian “Kit” Kiefer CEC, CCE, AAC, FMP Director Culinary Services, Corporate Executive Chef Schwan’s Food Service, Inc. Kevin Anderson Kevin M. Anderson, LLC Jason Behrends CCS, Ph. D Project Leader Tyson Foods, Inc. John Draz CEC, CCE Executive Research Chef Ed Miniat, Inc. Dianna Fricke CRC, CWPC Executive Chef, Research & Development J. R. Simplot Company Craig “Skip” Julius CRC, CCS, CEC, CCP, CFE Manager - Culinary Solutions Sensient Flavors Susan Licker MS, CCS Director R&D Frito-Lay Christopher R. Loss, Ph.D Director of Menu Research and Development The Culinary Institute of America Allison Rittman CRC Corporate Chef/Owner Culinary Culture Larry Tong CCS Culinary Training and Development Manager McCormick & Co., Inc. Rachel Zemser CCS, MSFS Food Science & Culinology Consultant A la Carte Connections — BOARD MEMBER AT LARGE — Homaro Cantu Moto Restaurant

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Culinology - May/June 2013
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2013 RCA Annual Conference
Petits Fours - Morning meal occasion getting a makeover
Whole grains, protein highlight first-quarter menu trends
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Culinology - May/June 2013